Wednesday, May 23, 2018


File:PLAAF Xian HY-6 Li Pang.jpg
People's Liberation Army Air Force Xian HY-6 at Zhuhai Airshow. Photo by Li Pang   licensed under the Creative Commons license.

China has recently been operating bombers , landing and taking off from disputed islands in the South China Sea subject to the competing claims of six nations. The only test so far of these claims in court didn't go so well for China whose 9 dash line argument was soundly rebuffed in favor of the Philippine in the only court test so far . China dealt with the crushing legal defeat by simply ignoring it. China also announced their intention of continuing to ignore court challenges and international law. As if to underscore their position the Dragon recently landed H-6K and other bombers on disputed islands as part of a military "drill" designed to improve the ability of the Dragon "to reach all territory". China has been accused of militarizing the region and provoking tension in the reason. While China did not formally announce which islands were involved in their exercise a video from the Chinese Communist  Party's People'S Daily showed a bomber taking off from a recently built base on Woody Island , one of the larger disputed islands in the Paracels; an island also claimed by Tiwan and Vietnam. The Dragon took pains to note in the related publicity that from this base their bombers could reach "all of South East Asia, Australia's northern bases and the US forces on Guam. 

 You don't hear much of this in the Main Stream Media. Wake up America! Are you starting to see the pattern yet? How long do you think we have to act? 

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