Monday, September 17, 2018


  We recently received the following from Google where we maintain The profile of our editor Johnas Presbyter:

 "Dear Google+ user,
Your Google+ post or comment activity has recently violated the Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy.
Spamming, including sending unwanted promotional or commercial content, or unwanted or mass solicitation, is not permitted.
This is a warning, and your access to Google+ should not be currently impacted. If you continue to create or share content that violates our policies, you may lose the ability to use some or all features of Google+. Learn more
The Google+ Support Team"

 Interesting, why would we send "promotional or commercial content, or unwanted mass solicitation" when both our Google Profile and blog site are not monetized? What would we be selling? We think the answer is that Google suspects us of political incorrectness, as in we are not flaming liberals. As for "mass solicitation" why is only"unwanted" mass solicitation banned. Who decides whats "unwanted" anyway? What constitutes "mass solicitation"? Don't bother asking Google you'll never reach a live person anyway. 

We created the Google profile for Johnas Presbyter, Editor in Chief of the American Admiralty Books Blog for the express purpose of giving him a means to direct attention to posts of interests on the the blog. Widen the public ability to comment on posts of interest, and generally generate more discussion of maritime subjects of interest. Admittedly maritime includes naval activities and naval deployments reflect the politics of the day, So sometimes we do discuss politics. You guessed it, we are not socialists, communists, or liberal progressives. In fact we simply are not and never have been politically correct. A couple of years ago Google declared without explanation that we were no longer eligible for their advertising program. They pulled all advertising from our blog without any real explanation and with out affording us any opportunity to discuss the matter with a live person. Then a democrat was elected governor in our home state and immediately took action to tax Internet sales and purchases by residents of our state. Prior to the election of this democrat we were an Amazon "portal". Then Amazon announced that they were no longer offering or supporting portals in our state. That was the end of our monitization. 

 We fully expect based on our experiences over the past five years that neither conservative nor simply pragmatic voices will be long tolerated on the Internet. Only the progressive liberal socialists voice will be allowed free expression. With the loss of the Internet for publishing dissenting views the only voice left will be that of the far left. We don't like it, but there is little we can do about it. Know this. We continue to support our sites despite the lack of revenue, and the probability that there will never be any revenue. We're a barometer of political pressure. We're not so much conservative as pragmatic and we are only an occasional political commentator. The left have bigger fish to fry before us, but we have felt the heat for some years now. When you see us disappear, you'll know the left is reaching down to pick off even the remnants of opposing views to the far left agenda. Watch this space, until there is no space. 

Johnas Presbyter, Editor

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