Friday, December 27, 2019

10 Treason like actions of the Democratic Party

10 Treason like actions of the Democratic Party

10 SHOCKING Facts Democrats Want You to Forget

1993 2001 William Clinton

  American Action News has posted 10 shocking acts committed by the Democratic Party or individuals registered as Democrats dating from Andrew Jackson's expulsion of the Cherokee Nation despite a U.S. Supreme Court order in the favor of the Cherokees. Some of these occurred during periods of "Armed conflict" but rarely declared war which since WWII has been scarce to understate the case. We agree with the assessment of American Action News that the ten acts they describe are heinous and most would be considered "treason" in any other nation but ours. However as we have pointed out in our post :
TREASON OR SEDITION? CONSTRUCTIVE SEDITION?  Our founding fathers were alarmed at the over use of the treason charge by the British Army in attempting to suppress the American Revolution. Consequently we have the charge of "Treason" described in our Constitution. That description limited the times that the charge may be indictable to time of war. That phrase has been court interpreted to mean "declared war" a condition that hasn't existed since WWII. So none of the modern examples cited to demonstrate specific heinous acts qualify as "Treason" under constitutional law.
1963 69 Lyndon Johnson

In our post we describe laws that the Democrats did violate, most criminal in nature, some carrying penalties of as much as 20 years in prison. As a matter of full disclosure,  American Action News does not use the word "Treason" within the body of their post. They do use it in some of their promotion of their post. We believe that every American voter should be made aware of the history illustrated in the linked to post. However , we are past time for prosecuting certain Democrats for real "high Crimes and misdemeanors". We must drop the "Treason rhetoric " and get on with prosecutions under the existing and applicable laws. Please everyone do read the post by American Action News but let's not confuse the issue. There are real laws on the books that the democratic leadership could be charged with. Let us waste no more time on "Treason" it won't pass constitutional muster and the democrats know it. These "real laws" carry penalties as serious as 20 years imprisonment. 
1933 45 Franklin D Roosevelt

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