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Above is a map prepared by the Israel Defense Forces Showing a portion of the HAMAS attack tunnel network


Editor's note 8/16/2016 : We believe that more than the six tunnels illustrated in this article were constructed. However based on the six known at the time we have a better idea of the cost per tunnel, as much as $3 million each. In terms of typical size and construction costs in GAZA this is what just one tunnel costs could have built. 86 Homes, or 7 Mosques, or six schools, or 19 small medical clinics, or any mixed variety of the above. Yet the people of Gaza freely elected Hamas, an obvious terror organization to govern their territory. Don't be fooled by Hamas, its status as a quasi government over a geographical area does not absolve it from Terrorist status.  

 Revelations about the planned tunnel attacks to be timed for later this month (September 2014) to coincide with Jewish holidays were revealed by the Israeli Defense Forces to help explain their rejection of U.S.Secretary of State John Kerry's latest ceasefire proposal. Kerry, who must be dumber than a sack of hammers, or is just plain a traitor to humanity, actually proposed that Israel cease backfilling and destroying the tunnel network during the proposed cease fire. While it is remotely possible that Kerry might not have known how elaborate the tunnels were or the full details of the planned attack, the entire world knew of their existence and purpose as invasive attack tunnels. How on earth anyone in their right mind could possibly assume that a nation led by rational adults would submit to a ceasefire with a relentless, remorseless, and  merciless terrorist organization requiring them to remain vulnerable to a planned attack focused on their small children is beyond imagination. Rational adults are left with one only a very few possible conclusions. (1) John Kerry is not a rational adult. (2) The Administration has decided to turn on Israel, against the express wishes of the overwhelming majority of the American electorate and facilitate Hamas in "pushing Israel into the sea." (3) Kerry, the President, and the rest of the cabinet were off on the golf course when news of the ISIS senior operative's body being found in Gaza was aired by the media (the few outlets that carried it) and simply don't want to see the connection between ISIS/IS and Hamas. (4) The four CAIR / Muslim Brotherhood members that advise the President dreamed this latest cease fire up and sold it to the Administration. 

 Even if we assumed that the entire U.S.Administration is made up of closet Islamofascists, as well as 3/4 of the American news media how could such theoretically dedicated traitors believe that such a proposal would go unnoticed after ISIS literally declared war on America and brutally murdered two American citizens then showed up in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico in numbers intent on attacking border installations possibly including Fort Hood for 9/11?  Of course no FCC licensed media outlets are screaming for the arrest of the Administration as traitors, But there is a growing call in the social media and in the gathering places of America. Call it treason or utter stupidity and incompetence but about 76% of the people of America ( actual citizens, not illegals) are ready to support the removal of this administration by any means, if it can not be emasculated until the end of the President's term. The majority of the American electorate wants Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization affiliated with ISIS ( the absolute last straw the American people will take from Islam) to be outlawed in America along with the Muslim Brotherhood and its puppets like CAIR. (See "Draw The Line"..)   That 76% is slowly growing as understanding spreads. The Administration can't hide its utter incompetence or actual hatred of America any longer even with a complicit journalistic community.

 Here is the IDF 's explanation of the Hamas plan and how they came by it:

"Israeli security sources, citing information acquired in interrogations of captured brigands, described a scenario under which hundreds of heavily armed Hamas fighters would have spilled out into Israel in the dead of night and within 10 minutes been positioned to infiltrate essentially all Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip.  Waiting then in hiding until schools and kindergartens were occupied, the terrorists would then attempt to kill the children first, and then kill and kidnap as many Israelis as possible.  The plot was set to take place during Jewish New Year, on September 24."

Read more:

 IDF Officers reported that the tunnels were stocked with abduction kits including handcuffs, tranquilizers and other materials used in control of large numbers of prisoners. The tunnels uncovered so far are also often filled with explosives, some of which had already been placed under Israeli kindergartens.  The tunnels are large , engineered, electrified with much professional concrete work in evidence. This was no amatuer job and it was financed by a large military like organization. Clearly what has been going on was supposed to be a two pronged attack to finally drive Israel into the sea. Part one was the unrelenting rocket barrage aimed from hospitals and schools inside a Gaza at residential areas inside Israel, a sort of Islamic "shock and awe, but Israel's "Iron Dome" anti missile defenses mostly held. Given where Hamas placed it's rocket launchers some of Israel's return fires caused collateral damage and Hamas, pathological liars and masters of propaganda that they are, avoided blame in the Western media and transferred it to the self defending Israeli forces.

 Photos and more information on the tunnels:

  While Hamas had the UN and Western governments actually considering sanctions against Israel, Hamas was planning a massive infantry and sapper attack through their tunnel net work for September 9, 2014. One of the main features of that attack was the massacre of large numbers of very small children. Nothing, we repeat nothing can justify the mass murder of Children. There were children killed in Gaza, that's true. However, these were collateral damage from return fire of attack fires that were deliberately aimed to kill families in Israel from areas in Gaza prohibited from military operations by the international law of armed conflict. Turn a deaf ear to all arguments that some how the planned attacks of September 9th could be justified. Hamsa has demonstrated to the world that that they are inhuman savages closely allied with the ISIS which is so inhuman that former terrorist supporting states now denounce them. 

 America remove the "Support Gaza" bill boards, arrest anyone participating in a pro Hamas demonstration for sedition, arrest anyone flying the IS flag for sedition, trace all Islamic charitable funding. You will discover that in most cases 1/8 of all such funds goes to direct support of Jihadist, mostly of the violent variety  ( there are branches of Islam that believe the Jihad admonition refers to an individual, interior, intellectual battle with evil) but they are few and far between. Deport all non citizens shown to have funded or politically supported Hamas, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood or any other terrorist organization, even if only through "Charitable donations". Demand that Congress literally declare war on the "Islamic State and all its allies be they nations or NGOs." 

 The staff of the AAB /AAIS was among the first to defend America's muslims as the realization that Islam was resuming its 1400 year war on Southern Europe and India and included America among its new targets was setting in. * THE ISIS TO IS TRANSITION"  We are sailors and have seen the world and read a lot including the Koran or Quran, commentators of the same, and the classic "LIFE OF THE ARABS" which does an excellent job of depicting the life of the Arab peoples before Islam, and paints Islam as quite an improvement. We have worked with Malaysian and Indonesian naval professionals and coast guardsmen/marine police professionals and seen these very admirable basically Islamic societies at work. We personally know Sufi's who are as gentle as any Buddhist you'll ever meet. But in the Sunni / Shiite communities there is a civil war in progress even as both sides attempt to resume the press for a global Caliphate to rule the world with an iron, brutal, unthinking hand. The silence of Western so called moderates as the violence against Christians and Jews in Europe , Africa, and the Middle East has escalated has been deafening.

 We have to face facts. Those who want to guide their lives by the five pillars of Islam must, in order to qualify as a religion as opposed to a violent network of pillaging nomads hell bent on taking other people's land , raping and enslaving women, must swear to support separation of Mosque and State, and must abandon all attempts to impose Sharia law on the unwilling. In those states where Muslims are a majority and Sharia law the law of the land,all inhumane punishments in the criminal code involving stoning, beheading, crucifixion, amputation, and flogging must be eradicated and not tolerated among families. This is the price of joining the human race in the 21st century. If you can not do that you should leave all Western nations now because a great awakening is coming and a great outrage. Unless you can establish your particular Mosque based community as truly compliant with the requirements of good citizenship and focused on the spiritual you will eventually be ejected enmass. Even if you do manage to establish your community as such, individuals who dress in traditional Muslin garb will be endangered by an increasingly angry public, Jahid has gone too far. The push back is coming.  Muslims in the West must now either really assimilate, convert to something else, or be prepared for some really tragic and dangerous times.  No matter what the governments or media tell you there is a great and growing anger rising up among the people of the West be they Christian, Jewish, or Agnostic.  There is no more patience for Muslim demands for special privilege, exemptions, or considerations. There will be no tolerance of open support of Hamas or even "Gaza" much less display of the ISIS flag. The marginalization of Muslims in the West started with the British Boycott Muslim Businesses movement that started only a couple of weeks ago. ISIS isn't going to morph into a kinder gentler variety of terrorist army. ISIS isn't going to stop claiming the right to act in the name of all Muslims, innocent Muslims aren't going to be blamed less all PR attempts otherwise not with standing. Majority anger is only going to intensify. Only Muslims willing to be sincerely devoted to the Western constitutions and never mention Sharia in public and willing to loudly condemn Hamas, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood , etc. have any chance of prospering ever in Western societies. Try to live quiet, productive lives and keep your Islamic beliefs under tight wraps The tolerance and patience with which your were received into your host nations has been lost for at least a generation.   

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