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Maldives Saw Low Flying Jumbo Jet. Could It Have Been Missing Malaysian Flight 370?


 Muliaa'ge: the Presidential Palace of Malé, Maldives  GNU Free Documentation License.

 Residents of the remote island of Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll saw a "low flying jumbo jet " on March 8 ,2014 the morning after a Malaysia Airlines plane went missing. Maldives police have launched an investigation into reports but have released very little information. While the disappearance of the Boeing 777 jet carrying 239 passengers and crew has left multi- national search and rescue forces bewildered after weeks of exhaustive search, several residents of Kuda Huvadhoo told local media last week that they saw a "low flying jumbo jet" at around 6.15 AM on March 8, 2014. Aviation Security Command head Mohamed Ziyad told Xinhua News service last week that what was reported  was a white aircraft, with red stripes across it. That is the typical color scheme of the Malaysia Airlines..Eyewitnesses from the Kuda Huvadhoo observed  that the plane was traveling north to southeast, towards the southern tip of the Addu atoll. Witnesses also noted an incredibly loud noise that the flight made when it flew over the island. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished roughly an hour into her flight from Kuala Lumpur March 8,2014. Initially the plane was estimated to have crashed off the Vietnamese coast in the South China Sea .At the moment 26 nations are contributing search and rescue assets to the on going search for the plane and its 277 passengers of at least four nationalities.

P-8A Poseidon searches for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in US Seventh Fleet
 Crew members on board a P-8A Poseidon, all attached to Patrol Squadron (VP) SIXTEEN, man their workstations while assisting in search and rescue operations for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. VP-16 PHOTO CREDIT: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eric A. Pastor


"We haven't had anything to say about missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 in the week since it has been missing.  This gripping news story does have serious maritime search and rescue aspects and we usually have a lot to say about maritime search and rescue . We have lauded the Maritime Enforcement Agency of Malaysia in these pages and this is partly their show, but still we have not paid particular attention to this event on this site since it happened. Initially this was because there was plenty of news coverage and relatively little news. We had little to add. We've already expressed our confidence in Malaysia's naval abilities and as indicated by the photo above we think they have called on the international community for the type of additional help needed once the forensic work indicated that multiple national and international air spaces were probably involved in the air craft's flight to the point where tracking has become extremely complicated. However the recent announcement by Malaysian authorities that it appears more probable than not that the erratic flight was the direct result of human action compels us to point out something that is not being openly discussed in the media. We hope that it is being discussed in the right professional circles. But in case it is not we felt it is time to bring this up.

This case has the potential ear marks of a conversion of use mission by a terrorist group. By conversion of use we mean that the terrorists target was possession of the air craft and the fate of the passengers was inconsequential to them. The two passengers who boarded with false passports may or may not have been involved, or they may have been involved but unaware of their real role aboard. The signs of deliberate  human causation include: (1) The air craft's transponder shut off about one hour into the flight. (2) The Aircraft's addressing and reporting (ACARS) turned off about the same time as the transponder. (3) Radar indicates that shortly after these automatic communications systems turned off the air craft turned sharply off its scheduled and planned flight path. Recent evidence indicates that it also went into a series of high altitude climbs to above 45,000 feet probably more than the cabin pressurization system could take, then went into a steep dive. This dive probably could have induced a few moments of virtual weightlessness in the cabin. This maneuver was repeated . Frankly we think it was all about incapacitating the passengers. 

It is possible that no one aboard was flying the plane after the turn off course. While law enforcement is investigating the pilots, we have to wonder about the maintenance crews. Is there any traceable connection between the passengers flying under false documents and anyone on the maintenance crew especially involving avionics?  This sounds far fetched until you pause a moment and realize that the United States flies drone aircraft under distant human control as well as automatic programming, in the Middle East, from control sites in Colorado.

Unmanned aviation products are a booming commercial business including the remote control systems. If someone wanted an airliner for future conversion into a remotely controlled stealth weapon taking it over for remote control flight is far from impossible with the right known how, equipment, and access. Osama bin Laden may be dead but where is his billions of dollars worth of wealth? Does anyone really think the terrorists are under funded or even that the scheme we are speculating on is all that expensive to pull off? The world has spent a week looking for this plane. If it didn't go down it has landed. If it has landed there has already been ample time to change tail numbers and the paint scheme, change out avionics and make it "squawk" like a completely different bird. That's what we mean by "stealth" in this context. 

The newly configured plane is no longer recognizable as the plane that started the ill fated flight MH 370. It could even be out of its conversion hanger by now and "hiding in plain sight" in a commercial maintenance hanger undergoing its preparation for the mission it was stolen for, possibly carrying a load of explosives into another set of carefully selected heavily populated buildings. Its suspected trajectory over portions of the Indian ocean that may be as deep as 1600 feet could have been a diversion tactic. Suppose surface searches turn up apparent debris or even bodies. Does that mean the air craft is really down?  We wouldn't count on it. If the passengers were incapacitated or killed in the series of steep climbs and rapid descents but the two passengers flying under false documents may have been  part of a "conversion mission" and survived, their entire purpose may have been to throw "evidence of a crash" out of the plane during a low speed, low altitude pass over an area where if anything were to be found search forces would know they were in for a long and difficult search.

If you came to steal the plane for a specific mission you don't want the world's military and police forces to catch on to that mission very fast.  You want them on a wild goose chase thousands of miles from where you are taking the plane. It has been reported that the plane had enough fuel to travel as much as 6,000 miles. That would be enough to take it to a lot of really remote places on earth including some in terrorist friendly Iran.  That of course would have to involve an over flight of India. Stealth isn't always invisibility. The aircraft stopped Squawking as Flight MH 370  at one point heading in a northerly direction. Authorities feel pretty certain it made a turn to the west after it stopped "squawking". Then they think it is more likely than not that it turned south over the Indian Ocean. One possibility could be that after dropping below Radar and dropping decoy "evidence" of a crash it climbed back up entered normal commercial air space squawking as a totally different flight and air line or private corporate air craft and got through India's air defense zone and passed through their civil aviation traffic system by squawking a new identity or series of new identities and drawing little attention once out of Indian air space the highly visible to Radar and clearly "squawking" but falsely identified air craft then had a smooth over ocean flight into Iran. 

Unfortunately this admittedly speculative scenario would mean the passengers and any non cooperating crew are dead, discarded as superfluous to the mission. The really dangerous news is that the plan for the use of the aircraft is in progress. While we admit that this possibility is highly speculative, it is speculation based on the evidence known to date and very real technological possibilities. Could humans be that diabolical? These people already have sacrificed their lives by the dozens just to kill innocent civilians in a number of nations. The fact that their acts take the lives of women and children of any and all nationalities didn't mean anything on 9/11 or any of the other incidents that have happened since. They are unmatched in terms of their inhumanity by anything since the NAZIS. 
Everything we have speculated is technologically feasible. It would make sense to begin taking actions based on the possibility that such a conversion mission is the real reason behind the disappearance of flight MH 370.

While the search for plane wreckage should continue it is time for a new search by satellite and civil aviation and military surveillance records  for anomalies on the day of disappearance for anything out of the usual that may signal a falsely "squawking" commercial air craft entering national air space from Thailand to India. 
Any such anomalies should be thoroughly checked out , lots of luck of course getting any real cooperation out of Iran. Until the wreckage is found and confirmed all nations should step up their scrutiny of the seaward air defense zones, tighten plane identification requirements, increase overflights and visual checks. Also air security teams both military and civil need to improve communications with military air craft that operate from seaward into air defense zones. Military organizations don't file flight plans with civil aviation authorities very often, and sometimes don't coordinate very well even with other services of the same nation. It may be easier for a false flag attack by converted airliner to squawk as some sort of military air craft than an expected commercial flight. Come to think of it when doing that search of possible flight anomalies it may be wise to look for heavy military transport squawking anomalies as well as irregular signals from civil aviation.

All of this is of course just speculation, but the problem is the clock is running and we have no wreckage. We have people in the world who wish to cause major terror and destruction and have used civil aviation assets as weapons before . What we speculate is in the realm of technological and economic feasibility. 
If this is what is happening,  a conversion operation in progress, we are racing with a count down before we are even ready to admit that there may be a count down. We need to assume that there is a count down in progress and act accordingly expecting and looking for another massively destructive attack somewhere in the free world or even in the thug states ( made to look like an attack from a free world state in the hopes of sparking a war).  Unless some one finds real proof of a crash tomorrow it is actually past time to take these precautions and additional investigative activities. Or maybe the pertinent authorities are already doing these things and not telling the media about it. Lets hope that's the case.  

An After thought. If the plane continued south but didn't make its destination this may have been a mission against Diego Garcia, the British owned mostly American manned naval base. If that was the case clearly the plane didn't make it to target but the search for wreckage might prove productive along track lines to that destination. The bottom line is that there is a high probability that this was a conversion of use mission and until the plane is found and retaken or its wreckage is confirmed, the world's civil and military aviation authorities must be on the alert for another terrorist attack using an airliner, an attack that is highly likely to be far more stealthy than the attack on the twin towers in New York. "

After we published the above analysis we later published the discovery by oil exploration vessels of subsea sensor readings possibly consistent with  plane wreckage in the Southern Indian Ocean while the search for Malaysian Flight 370 was concentrated in the Indian ocean off Australia. Then recently we monitored and published various accounts about unaccounted for air liners around the world. The unconfirmed count of missing airliners , few from crashes, mostly missing out of hangers runs 11 to 17 planes depending on the secondary sources we reviewed. Any or all of these planes could be in camouflaged hangers awaiting orders to create more 9/11 type havic . As the anniversary of 9/11 and the Christian Holidays approach we are very concerned that the Western World may be in for a series of 9/11 style attacks using these missing aircraft. If any western security forces out there share our concern, they certainly aren't issuing press releases.

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