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Greetings Bipeds! Might the U.S.forces actually have cut the head off of the snake called "the Islamic State?" Or is the IS really more of a hydra, that can lose one or more heads and just keep going. Personally I worry that the beast is a Hydra. There are startling reports that self-proclaimed caliph of the blood thirsty self proclaimed "Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was critically wounded and possibly dead in an airstrike near the Iraqi city of Mosul, close to the Syrian border. Rumors started to fly on Monday and then a confirmation of sorts appeared early on Tuesday when a Twitter account affiliated with Daesh-affiliated Al-I’tisaam Media, which said it would give details about the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his succession. The news has been circulating around some Arab and Iraqi commercial news sites but the U.S. Government has not claimed the kill. Here is what we do know as confirmed by official U.S. armed forces sources: 


Late Friday night (November 7), US and coalition forces hit a house and 10-truck convoy in the western Iraqi town of al-Qaim, near Mosul. Intelligence indicated that senior Daesh leaders, including the the self styled "Caliph" , were believed to be in the convoy. Forty deaths were confirmed by Mosul morgue officials, but none were confirmed to be the BOZO and silence continues on the whereabouts and condition of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ("BOZO" as we refer to him) . Washington has a bounty of $10 million out for his capture.No one has collected. By late Sunday the following dead bad guys were identified :
(1) al-Baghdadi’s senior aide, Abdur Rahman al-Athaee (Abu Sajar),. (2) Daesh leader in Anbar province, Adnan Latif al-Suweidi, (3) leader in the Euphrates valley, Bashar Athaee often traveled with "BOZO" and the target guys felt pretty certain that BOZO was with al Athaee in the convoy that was slated for attack. BOZO the Caliph was last seen in public in a mosque in Mosul in July. Other terrorist groups are maintaining silence of "Caliph BOZO's" about the attack and its results.

 Meanwhile the U.S. Central Command did confirm that they participated in air strikes targeting Daesh leaders ( allies of the BOZO and IS) near Mosul. 

The US Central Command said that from late Friday, air strikes targeted Daesh leaders near Mosul. Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath news channels quoted unnamed sources saying that al-Baghdadi was killed in the raid; the Iraqi government said it would try to confirm the news (since announced the Daesh itself in an effort to rally the ranks). the town whose capture in June catapulted it to instant fame, with a view to limit its ability to move about, communicate, and commit acts of terror. It is possible the convoy was fleeing to a safer place when it came under fire. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi may well be dead as a stone. But a dead Bozo does not a dead terror organization make. The Dream of a pedophilic, polygamists, sex slave holding, taxes on only the non believers, global Caliphate doesn't die easily.

Intelligence analysts maintain that the reaction of militant groups that had pledged allegiance to the ‘caliph’ will have to be monitored closely. Despite the uncertainty over the death of "BOZO", the Sinai-based Egyptian militant group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, pledged allegiance to the Islamic State on Sunday. Baghdadi’s death could trigger revenge attacks against small ethnicities and Christians in the area.  "Lone wolf’ strikes in Europe and America  are possible. On the other hand, dead Bozo might benefit older militant outfits like al Qaeda that distrusted al-Baghdadi. The Sunni tribes and Syrian rebel outfits that did not join the Daesh might attack it. But, as Daesh still holds the big terrorist's money bags so it might just regroup and win new adherents. The airstrike might also compromise the security of countries like Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Libya and Egypt. So it's time for Arab states to man up and provide tighter security. All things considered we think that the cowardly, over sexed, losers of IS are having way too much fun looting, pillaging, mudering, and rapeing their neighbors to pack it in now just over one dead Bozo. As I said in my previous article, the West is going to have to kill ISIL/ISIS/IS/Daesh/al-Queda et al very dead before we can expect the bloody merry go round to stop. Until young muslim men learn that the robbing, rapeing, beheading of innocent unarmed people is never sanctioned by God, and that there are no virgins waiting to embrace them as "heroes" after we put bullets into them or blow them into tiny pieces the carnage will continue.   There is mounting evidence that the tide is turning against ISIS/IS et al. But the pressure must be maintained. Many more young Islamic IS operatives must follow BOZO to hell. Let's get more women piloting those attack air craft and let's start slathering our bullets in pig fat. The great lies of the Imams can't be defeated by merely killing the SOBs we must kill them and very visibly consign them to hell. 

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