Wednesday, November 5, 2014


ISIS Fliers on a Marine Corps Base? 

Somebody scattered some leaflets with an ISIS flag through the town of Quantico. Story from THE DAILY BEAST: 

American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

 The leaflets claim that some ISIS "agents" have entered the country via train through Mexico. The "town" of Quantico is co located within the boundaries of Quantico Marine Corps Base. You can't get in to the "town" without passing through military security including showing a picture ID and stating a reason for being there. Admittance to the "town" doesn't automatically admit a visitor to the operating military base. The Marine Corps discounts the possibility of the operatives having arrived by train from Mexico though it has been determined that ISIS operatives are in Mexico. Of course it would be politically incorrect for any actively serving officer to admit to anything that displeases the Obama administration. But let's assume the PC position is correct and that the fliers came from homegrown Islamofascists. Does that make you feel any more secure? Does it make it any less true that ISIS agents are here?  The purpose of the leaflet distribution was to spread fear and to intimidate. Whether done by domestic or imported terrorists it is a terror tactic. ISIS is trying to control the behavior and attitudes of the American Public.  The attitude they want from you is one of fear and submission.

 There can be only one proper public response to this outrage. The PUBLIC, vice the government with the White House now occupied by a Muslim, must respond by visibly and effectively turning against all manifestations of the Islamic push for supremacy and the overthrow of the U.S. constitution. Demand the investigation of all Islamic charities in the U.S.; 18% of the donations to many of these charities go directly to the support of terrorists organizations. If the Feds won't do it, demand that your state police investigate. Arrest the Islamic officials who are funding terror under the cover of Islamic charities.  Boycott all Islamic small businesses. Demonstrate , write letters , and publicly demand the cessation of Muslim immigration. Demonstrate for the arrest of all Imams engaged in sedition and hate speech. Never eat Halal meat products and demand that any Halal slaughterhouse meet all laws concerning sanitation and cruelty to animals (most can't, end the free pass). Shun all food establishments that employ Muslims or advertise Halal products. Use local law to ban all manner of Islamic dress that obscures the face of could cover the illegal concealment of weapons. Finally, realize that everything the Islamic apologists and left tell you about Islam in America is a lie.

 Stand up now or bow down later. If you bow down later it won't stop with the loss of your personal and religious freedom, property, and women relatives. Eventually they will cut your head slowly off. Unlike Europe which many European politicians tell us is already lost, Muslims make up only .083% of the American population. They are openly defying European governments and pushing through demands for local Islamic law within Islamic enclaves with less than 6% of the population. With their expanded birth rates and unlimited immigration Europe will have about a 41 % Muslim population in as little as 12 years and direct warfare on Jews and Christians will begin. In 29 years if things aren't reversed, Russia will have a majority Muslim population. The United States will be home of the last peoples able to resist. Fight gun control, you will need  your guns. Never ever vote again for a Muslim candidate for public office. One President and one Congressman are two too many. Volunteer for and revamp the State Guards, Don't expect anything "federal" to protect you from the Islamofascists who are increasing in number daily. Don't except the label Islamophobic for being concerned or fearful of the rise of Islam, A Phobia is an unreasonable fear. There is nothing unreasonable about fearing the rise of the Islamofascists. Their intent is to totally dominate you either by conversion, some combination of taxation and restrictions and enslavement, or to kill you slowly and painfully in a public spectacle.  Don't believe that?  Just look at what ISIS is doing in their so called "Islamic State" daily. Check out life in Iran, formerly Christian Persia. The level of subjugation , humiliation, and extermination varies among Islamic nations, but it exists in all.

 The West is now under siege. Draw the line and hold the Western Muslim communities to it. Donating to terrorist organizations is not accepted because it is done under the cover of "giving alms", one of the five "Pillars of Islam", this is not a protected "religious practice" any more than "Freedom of Religion" would protect human sacrifice.  One can not expect to be allowed to drive wearing head gear such as a burka which obscures vision in most configurations. One can not expect to have picture IDs and licenses requiring facial identification depicting a veiled face. For security reasons banks and other public places may bar entry to people wearing clothing that both conceals identity and and possible weapons. Subject Halal slaughterhouses to proper sanitation and cruelty to animals regulations and inspections. Arrest leaders of mosques and other groups that solicit and provide financial aid to, or recruitment for terrorist groups. Acknowledge that preaching the establishment of a global or local "caliphate" or the incorporation of Sharia law into a western society  is sedition and prosecute. Get together as Christian and Jewish congregations to offer shelter and help to the 35 to 50% of Muslim women in the West who would leave Islam but for fear of honor or apostasy killings. Don't attach such help to any pressure to "convert". Someone abused in the name of "religion"  will be naturally leary of any religion. Admiral Lord Nelson told his captains that regardless of the fog of war, no captain could go very far wrong if he pressed the enemy and engaged. Oppose Islam at every opportunity until Western Islam reforms and accepts separation of Mosque and state, modest dress codes that do not undermine public security, non polygamous marriage, and the rule of constitutional Western law which will never be compatible with Sharia, Hada punishments, honor killings, female genital mutilation, or murder for apostasy,  Every Western Muslim must realize that any religion that insists on a right to convert by armed force, and to punish with the death the unconvinced, will never be viewed as anything but intrinsically evil by Western people. Every Western Christian must realize that while Muslims have the right to street preaching, and use of public forums to try to win converts, Christians in Western Society have that right too, including in predominantly Muslim areas. With proper security, exercise and enforce that right. 

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