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 The past two weeks have been the coldest in November in many years on the U.S. Gulf Coast. This time of year we are normally in the 70s in the day time with night time lows in the 50s. Instead we only had  two days in the 70s in almost two weeks and most of the rest the high temps were in the 50s with lows of about 34 in New Orleans and 29 to 32 just a few miles north of there. Yeah I know you're in Green Bay and are shoveling snow and think those temps are pretty spring like. Well Coastal sections of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle are starting a three day weekend of 70s. Our winters may be free of snow and ice and our idea of a winter wardrobe may be a sweater, an unlined wind breaker and a cold day is one where you wear both, but even here its not going to get warmer for the next three months. SO WHY AREN'T YOU NOT OUT FISHING?

 Really there is life beyond the cube farm or office. There are life styles that don't involve the cube farm or office. Take yet again another look at Capt. Richie's work day and satisfied customers.

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Great fun Bull Redfish Fishing today with +West Marine  Brunswick Georgia Store Manager Andrea Lowe and deckhand Joshua Cook. Many thanks to +OkumaUSA Fishing Tackle for some of the finest reels for this sport.

 The Reds are on the feed and from the looks of it, they're here until winter time! What a game changer compared to last season. See more at or 

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