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Update 5/1/2016: We are now aware that the Obama Administration is speeding up the supposed vetting process on the next waive of 10,000 Islamic migrants. The vetting process was extremely poor before this latest wave coming in on an expedited basis.  If ever there was an opportunity for insertion of trained and coordinated ISIS units into America this next wave is the best opportunity for our enemy so far.  The Obama plan is to settle this wave of Muslims spread out across the landscape in small town America. Obviously they won't be very visible to the large number of urban and suburban voters. They also won't be in much of a job market. Being welfare dependent by design, those who aren't terrorists will none the less vote Democratic as soon as they are allowed to register. We predict that they will quickly build Mosques, then run for local government and impose Sharia law locally as was recently done in Hamtramck ,Michigan . These will be the safe havens for the ISIS terror professionals. As of today May 1, 2016 we still believe that the lone wolf domestic ISIS influenced crazy is the main threat ISIS threat against America, but not for long the professionals are coming with the full aid and encouragement of the Obama administration.  Update 9/11/2015 & 12/3/2015. As we write this it has been a few weeks since ISIS began flooding Southern Europe with "refugees". We have noted that while some women, children and obvious families are mixed in with this exodus very large groups of unaccompanied strong and healthy looking military age males are arriving. We've even re-tweeted one photo showing a proud ISIS terrorists armed and uniformed in one photo, dressed as a "refugee" in another. There is no mistaking that the images are of the same man due to identical facial scars. Now the UN intends for us to accept 79,000 of these people who they select, we get no opportunity to vet them. Obama has signed up for another 22,000 who likewise will be un-vetted , except that Christians have been excluded. On this anniversary of 9/11 we pause to thank God that we have not yet experienced another attack of that magnitude and to soberly realize that worse is coming if we do not get the traitors and well meaning idiots out of government very soon. 

 We also have ISIS word for it that they have planted probably an exaggerated number of trained and formally affiliated terrorists agents into U.S. society. They have also attempted to encourage lone wolf assinations of individual American military personnel by identifying such individuals on their website  . Their active recruitment of Muslim Americans is obvious, even spreading to the incident that we recently reported  of coming onto a U.S. Marine Base in the continental United States and spreading recruitment style brochures . We believe that ISIS poses a direct threat to the U.S. mostly through its efforts to recruit and motivate lone wolf agents, much as the general media does, but we also are concerned with real trained agents who are in America and their ready access to our country through our uncontrolled southern border. We recently came across an article in the online version of the magazine THE NATIONAL INTEREST by Alex Ward. Mr. Ward makes some very valid points about why ISIS presently isn't worth a lot of paranoia. Like us he identifies our porous southern border as a major concern not only because the wave of illegals is flooding us with welfare claimants, illegal voters, criminals, drugs and other problems but because it the major avenue of invasion by groups like ISIS.

 We disagree with his over all assessment that ISIS isn't much of a threat to the U.S. at the moment. We see it as a threat that is constantly increasing. We are concerned with reports of ISIS "cells" just over the border in Mexico, ISIS claims of having formally affiliated and trained agents in the U.S. and their claims that they want to and know how to smuggle a nuclear device into our country. We agree with some of his suggestions for dealing with the threat but disagree with his basic sense of a lack of urgency. We need a coherent strategy to deal ISIS a decisive death blow now. We also need a decisive strategy for dealing Wahhabi influenced Islam , the source of Islamic violence against each other and the Western societies a decisive death blow. This has gone on long enough. Those who want to live in the seventh century should be pushed back into the desert so far and become so isolated that is exactly how the remnant of of the Islamofascists of every stripe are forced to live.

 Despite, our fundamental disagreement with Mr. Ward's lack of urgency, we found his article interesting and containing many nuggets of truth. We link you to it and urge you to read it because it illustrates that at least a few members of the general American media are starting to see things that we have been reporting for months, even years. We've also linked a few of our related previous posts so that you may read our related views as well as this latest assessment by a professional journalists , compare and make up your own mind. We think "alarm" is perhaps unjustified, but the need for immediate effective action is apparent while the worst of the threat which is very real is still a bit into the future. Here is the link to Mr. Ward's article:

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