Monday, June 15, 2015


In 2015:

PIRATES KILLED A NIGERIAN NAVAL OFFICER IN BAYELSA STATE. Today the situation is not much improved 

 Pirates captured by USCG , U.S. Coast Guard photo by LCDR Tyson Weiner by  

According to American Admiralty Books private sources on June 14, 2015 pirates operating along the rivers and distributaries of the Niger River Delta shot and killed a Nigerian naval officer in the Akassa area of Brass local governmental unit in the Bayelsa State. According to our confidential sources the gunmen opened fire on a naval patrol craft. Naval patrols had been increasing in the area which is plagued by attacks on oil cargoes. According to our sources the pirates initially complied with commands from the patrol craft at a checkpoint then opened fire on the navy vessel while the crew was communicating with another civilian craft complying with the checkpoint protocol.  Reportedly the pirates numbered about three and sped off after delivering the attack. The as yet unidentified officer's body was recovered and  delivered to an unidentified morgue in Brass.

ANALYSIS:  The Nigerian Navy has been effective of late in reducing piracy but now seems to be coming under heavier fire from piratical forces. This is a new and violent turn for piracy in Nigeria. The small vessel that the pirates arrived at the checkpoint with did not attempt to push through to some objective beyond the checkpoint but appears to have made an attack on the Checkpoint itself for the express purpose of eliminating it or making a "mission kill" eliminating its effectiveness for some specific time frame. This seems a very military like move and may indicate some serious economic power behind the pirate population, that doesn't like having its profits interfered with. We wrote not long ago lauding the efforts of the Nigerian Navy at anti piracy. We think they will continue to hang tough but clearly they now face a well armed, well financed, trained enemy. Meanwhile the world's media still rarely reports on the situation. We will continue to monitor and publish on it until we see more media interest. As we have explained many times we are not a full blown journalistic organization usually we simply provide you with links to marine specialists news organizations in our NEWS AND INTELLIGENCE RESOURCES SECTION but we do have sources not enjoyed by every professional news source out there. When we become aware of an under reported area of interest we report independently until the usual media begins to provide coverage.

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