Thursday, June 25, 2015


ISIS Declares Governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus 

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ISW assessed in early June 2015 that one of ISIS’s most likely courses of action during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan would be to declare a governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus. ISIS indeed announced the creation of a new governorate, called Wilayat Qawqaz (Caucasus) in the region on June 23, 2015, after several senior militants in the area pledged allegiance to ISIS.
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 Not so long ago we wrote a post on our worst nightmare, an Islamic state with a powerful navy. Basically we saw two scenarios where such a state and navy might emerge in the "near term future", such as by mid century. First we speculated that if Europe didn't get a grip on its immigration /Islamofascists aggression problem; France , Britain, the Netherlands and  one or more of the Scandinavian countries could become Islamic states. The contributions of these states, thankfully still self governing, and democratic to the "NATO Navy", are substantial. If their naval forces fell into Islamic hands, there would be an instant and regionally (North Atlantic) powerful Islamofascists navy able to reach the U.S. to combine with our own internal 5th column Muslims to turn America into the kind of battle ground Syria and Iraq are today. The other even more scary scenario would be if the Russian Islamic minority   ( a whopping 29% of the population today and growing) , took over Russia placing a powerful nuclear force as well as an invasion capable Navy in Islamofascists hands. 

 The  INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF WAR has published a report indicating that Southern Russia is already under Islamic assault, and the only thing that has allowed Russian forces to not become strained in attempting to reclaim control of the region is that al Qaeda and ISIS are engaged in a civil war within the region to see who will dominate their new self declared Emirate. In other words Russia is not  facing a clearly unified enemy in the region just yet, despite the fact that the region is clearly in Islamic inspired rebellion against Russia. We urge our readers to use one of the links to cross over to the  INSTITUTE FOR THE STUDY OF WAR to read this article in its entirety. You probab;ly won't be getting anything on this amazing and frightening development from U.S. net work news sources any time soon. 



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