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11/11/2012 Week End Edition Sunday, Station Identification and Test Pattern


Barque:  ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLT II, Named for the Oceanographer
Photo by Hans Georg Schroder




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TODAY's POST: Due to what appears to be intensifying interest we continue to post NANAZU FULLY LOADED THE FUTURE OF AMERICA near the top of the blog postings. Some subjects that we might have posted as blog postings we have shortened and post here on the Station ID. We are looking for a longer term place to post this particular discussion that will be easy for new visitors to find. We've simply never had so many readers of a single blog item and now 5 days after the initial post people are continuing to click in on this post in numbers that continue to increase daily.

Namazu, Giant Japanese Catfish Demigod  does a core dump on what he knows about the presidential election, oil and gas production, the recovery, and the not so distant future! This is the big cat fully loaded letting go with both barrels with a vision of the future that is exciting, dangerous, promising , and scary all at the same time. Its our bad luck that Japanese demigod giant catfish can't be a  natural born U..S. citizens.. Because if he could qualify to run, this big catfish is the visionary we should have elected today..

 Scroll down past the American flag and first advertisement. NAMAZU FULLY LOADED THE FUTURE OF AMERICA PARTS 1 & 2 are the second and third posts after the Editorial note post about the related withdrawn publication link,which follows today's "Funny Pages".Look for Namazu's picture .  New "suggested readings" by Namazu are starting to appear at the end of part two after the controversy over the $4,500 price tag of one insider oil and gas industry down load that he recommended. Sometimes a demigod can be a little out of touch with the reading budget of average book lovers. But the Catfish is learning how to look out for his new fans.


The 13th naval escort squad, sent by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, departed Friday from China to the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters for escort missions.

The 13th convoy fleet includes the frigates Huangshan and Hengyang, the supply ship Qinghaihu, two helicopters and an 800-troops. The three ships have all previously conducted escort missions. Since December 2008, authorized by the United Nations, the Chinese navy has dispatched 12 fleets to the waters of the Gulf of Aden and Somali waters to escort more than 4,890 Chinese and foreign ships.

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The Syrian army has destroyed a ship carrying armed rebels on the Euphrates River in the northeast of the country, state news agency SANA reported on Saturday.

 China Shipbuilding Trading Corporation (CSTC) will provide four new F-22P ships to Pakistan Navy this year, a senior naval official confirmed.

Pakistan has been importing the F-22P multi-purpose frigates from China for last three years. The product is exclusively manufactured and exported to Pakistan. The new frigates will be equipped for air surveillance, navigation, missile launch, and gun weapon system.

Elliott Seizes Second Argentine Naval Vessel In Africa

 Elliot, the Hedge Fund that got away with seizing the Argentine Navy's tall ship and national symbol  the LIBERTAD served seizure process on a second Argentine naval vessel presently undergoing repairs in an African state. This time Elliott seized a working war ship, not a sail trainer full of midshipmen. This time the ship reacted as it is entitled to under international law which does not provide for the seizure of warships by court officers  ever, under any circumstances. Sailors on board the Argentine Frigate ARA ESPORA on Wedesday armed themselves. This ship had been targeted for seizure because it was undergoing repairs and couldn't leave port. The crew armed themselves and threatened to open fire on Ghana Ports and Harbor Authority (GPHA) if they attempted to move the ship. At 06:00 local time last Wednesday the GPHA cut off water and electricity to the ship in preparation for movement to the court assigned detention berth. At exactly 06:15 local time the Argentine sailors took in the gangway and took stations about the ship armed with automatic rifles. 

 A stand off ensued for hours. Then the Argentine Ambassador to Nigeria , who is also responsible for Argentine affairs in Ghana arrived.  The Ambassador attempted to organize a meeting aboard with the ship's officers and  GPHA officials, but the GPHA officials refused to cooperate unless the Argentine sailors laid down their arms. As this tense situation was unfolding The Flag Officer in Command of the Ghana Eastern Naval Command Commodore Akoto Bunso arrived to intervene. The Argentine sailors lowered the gangway for him and he came aboard, but the gangway was pulled back up behind him. The crew of the ARA ESPORA remained armed until late evening. It is not clear what the details of any deal that was struck consist of.

.OPINION:  We remain firm in our opinion that no creditor of a nation state may take a war ship by judicial edict and no court has competent jurisdiction to award a war ship to anyone other than an opposing navy that has taken it as a prize in war. If this is correct, and obviously we are not the only ones who think it correct, then Elliot, a non state  entity, has enlisted the aid of Ghana to commit two acts of war against Argentina.  It can be argued that the armed action of Argentina's sailors this week is legal and indeed Argentina has a legal right to resist these seizures by armed force. Any armed action by Argentina must be in keeping with the use of force limitations imposed by the international law of armed conflict. If Argentina can not break her ships out by force confined to the harbor area and aimed at those offering armed resistance, or her crews can not escape with their ships, then the accepted naval response would be to scuttle the ships to prevent them from falling into enemy hands, and Elliot is a declared non state entity enemy of the Argentine state.  Ghana has become a belligerent by judicial error.

  If Argentina scuttles, Ghana faces a harbor clearance task that is probably more expensive than an entire year of operating budget for the Ghana Navy. If Ghana armed forces (which fortunately the courts don't command) were to attempt to board in order to prevent scuttling, the decks would probably run with blood and Ghana and Argentina would be in a real state of war. We suspect that the reason that the Argentine sailors eventually returned their arms to storage is that the Ghana Commodore and the Ship's Captain saw eye to eye on the real rule of international law. 

 A little assurance by the Commodore that the Ghana Navy doesn't launch into combat operations on orders from local magistrates may have been sufficient to convince the Argentine naval officers that it is best to let the courts run their course and await a final decision by the head of government.  For the Ghana Navy to seize Argentine Naval vessels that entered their ports with permission for a good will visit, in the case of the tall ship, or for repairs as in the instant case would be an act of war.  Nothing should happen in this case without final orders from the head of the Ghana government .  If there are miscalculations, and blood shed and scuttling result.  All it takes is a reversal of a very dubious judgement by one Ghana magistrate for all liabilities civil and criminal to fall on Elliot's senior management and directors.  Both Ghana and Argentina have standing to enter courts that Elliot as a corporation can't. Elliot 's managers and directors have been playing with fire from the start. 

 Argentina settled with every other creditor, only Elliot has gone to such risky and dangerous lengths , ignoring the consequences to world peace and international order  , not to mention the threats to human life, and the environment to display its corporate arrogance. Their position is that somehow a corporation is superior to a nation state and can have international law twisted in their favor and seize assets of a nation that are specifically exempt from seizure by international law.  Anyone can understand the parallel.  If someone has a civil judgement levied against them that all of their assets and future earning could not pay they declare bankruptcy.  When bankruptcy is awarded certain assets are seized in payment, but certain assets are exempt from seizure.  In most jurisdictions one may not take a bankrupt's home if it is paid for, nor his cloths, nor the necessary tools of his trade. The situation is similar with nation states.  Warships are exempt state property. The writs granted Elliot are judicial error. The resulting actions are acts of war. The liabilities civil and criminal for all that happens of a negative nature should fall on Elliot's management and directors.  By taking such arrogant actions we believe that Elliot has forfeited any right to renegotiation with Argentina on the defaulted loan.  Elliot should have come to the bargaining table in good faith. They didn't just fail, they refused. Now Eliot's stock holders are holding the bag. They really have no one to blame but their managers and directors. They may be on the verge of losing a lot more than the amount of the loan in default. 

SPACE AS AN OCEAN. Excerpts from the Book PROTOCOLS.
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File:Dock Street Annapolis.JPG
This is "Ego Alley" in Annapolis viewed from the vicinity of the FLEET RESERVE  club house deck.  Frankenstorm
probably put some of the canal water into the club, a naval sacrilege worse than spilling beer . We apparently were the only nationally available news service to cover this event. This once again demonstrates that when it comes to things maritime the American national news media are clueless.
RETRACTION: 11/9/2012 First Hand reports from the scene received today indicate that no damaging water entered the club and the club has been reopened for some time. However we stand by our assessment of the National News Media coverage of Maritime Events of Consequence. In the wake of something like  the Frankenstorm, an undamaged fleet is as news worthy as a damaged one. We wonder how the Washington press corps would react if their favorite DC watering hole was threatened.

The National Anthem today is performed by Josh Groban

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