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Scroll down to the weekly Bulletin Board for our latest link to the continuing discussion of the Chinese Navy and the threat it represents to its neighbors.

Scroll down to the Weekly Bulletin Board ( Past the U.S. Naval Institute Advertisement) and once into the Bulletin Board below the sailing vessel with the green sails, check out the link to a recent pod cast discussion of the Chinese navy. The sponsor of the pod cast also offers lessons in Mandarin.


India's Aircraft Carrier Involved in minor collision:

Bengal tiger public domain image
We are outspoken fans of the Indian Navy which we refer to as the Tiger, in contrast to the Chinese Navy which we refer to as the Dragon and which we don't trust any farther than we could throw an elephant.

 We are unhappy to report that India's aircraft carrier was in a collision with a small ferry, but pleased to report that no one was seriously injured nor was the carrier damaged. It appears that a third vessel played a major part with its prop wash propelling the ferry unexpectedly into the side of the carrier. We know that any unintentional contact between a major command like an aircraft carrier and another vessel is a very serious matter for the commanding officer and the officer in charge of the navigation watch at the time of the incident. We believe that the Indian Navy is a class act and will investigate competently. We wish all officers in the navigational chain of command well, trust that they acted professionally as the World has come  to expect of the Indian Navy and that no promising naval careers are cut short by the incident.   A link to the India media coverage is posted on the Bulletin Board, scroll down past the next image of the sailing vessel with the green sails.


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