Thursday, August 21, 2014

Giant Red Fish Show Self Destructive Curiosity Around Capt. Richie's Boat

Editor's Note: The big Red Drums are climbing in the boat and this may keep up into October.  Before the weekend book a trip Bunkie, you're suffocating in that Cube or office and you know it. Spend a day fishing with Capt. Richie and reconsider your life. 

Richie Lott

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These Reds just keep on givin' it up and we appreciate it!

Today we fished with a great Charter Group, the Dirk family from North Carolina. We had a truly blessed day. We had a great Bull Redfish bite, and I mean some BIG ONES, lost a nice Tarpon in the anchor rope (really? of all things..) and numerous large Black Tips and Spinners.

In one of the photos, the young lady Angler Amberley Dirks with Joshua Cook assisting her in holding this hog Redfish and Josh with another hog leg sized Red.

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