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  Follow the Hyperlink in this Posting for an Educational and Relaxing Lesson in the World Ocean Currents System.
File:Ocean currents 1943 (borderless)3.png
Ocean Currents Map Prepared By The U.S. Army 1943 Compare With The Rotating Globe Image  This Article Is Linked To. 

 Every Fall the TV weather guys and girls give us all something of a micro lesson on ocean currents as they speculate over the relative severity of the on coming winter. El Nino, La Nina, the Gulf Stream all have parts to play. This Spring the Earth's heat budget is being discussed again in terms of why winter doesn't seem to want to let go in many parts of the nation and the world . But these most famous ocean currents are but a tiny fraction of the oceans circulatory system, which in turn is part of the earth's heat management system. Understanding the whole system seems like a Herculean task. In fact, to the extent that being able to visualize it is understanding, understanding can be fun and relaxing.

 Some earth scientists at NASA have put together a computerized visualization aid on the planet's global ocean current system. It is even set to relaxing music. So sit back in your favorite barco lounger, hit the hyperlink, kick back and enjoy a God's eye view of the ocean as it circulates. The NASA guys posted this to You Tube and we link you because that's what we do, review and post the information on all things maritime because we like the maritime world and we know how. We'll get back to the news of the issues of the day soon, but this show reminds us why we went into the marine professions in the first place, all lousy working conditions, pay issues, and under and over regulation disputes aside. This view of the World's circulatory system is a permanent feature in our OCEANOGRAPHY page along with some other unique features like a virtual dive experience and a site called "LISTEN TO THE OCEAN. The OCEANOGRAPHY page isn't just for oceanographers.Click below to check it out.


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