Saturday, August 2, 2014



Things are always better in "Greater Texas" (the U.S. Gulf Coast exclusive of Florida). 
Fishing Report previously published from Capt. Charlie
Steve Booker with a 27" Trout caught on "Wood Pecker" Bass Assassins. Very Foggy & wind went Dead Calm".  

Photo from Charlie Paradoski's fishing site: You know that you need to escape the cube farm, office, office politics, crooked politicians, commute, and the general hassles of living "up east", let's not even mention the winters. Really its time to escape all that that pesky Polar Vortex, and , try a fishing trip down on the Texas Gulf Coast With Charlie Paradoski.  Check out his latest at : 

Why Freeze?....migrate or relocate.  Greater Texas is looking for new residents, winter home buyers, investors, and visitors. We're open all year. Yes we do have hurricanes but blizzards are strictly prohibited. Where do you think you're more likely to get an honest deal today; Wall Street or Houston? In Houston deals are still often closed on little more than a handshake and the "greed is good" school of business never took root. Ya'll come!

Editor's note: 10/18/2014: Sorry about Houston's mayor, rest assured here tenure is strictly temporary.

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