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Namasu, Former Japanese Giant Catfish demigod now lead analyst for the AAB
AN EX- PRESIDENT* OF THE UNITED STATES ONCE SAID THAT MUSLIMS CONTRIBUTED TO THE VERY FABRIC OF AMERICA. Editor's Note 11/10/2016 :  "The President" in this article refers to Barrack Obama. Donald Trump knew most of this before he was elected. 

Many Americans are aware that Muslims make up only .o8% of the population, and arrived here in any numbers only recently. We decided to do some research and determine what the basis for President's Obama's statement was. Results were surprising. 

 Interestingly we run into Muslim influences at the very beginning and its maritime in character. The Caravel, the ship type that brought Columbus to our shores had a lanteen rig, a Muslim invention, that allowed a vessel to sail closer into the wind than previous square sails. Algebra, evolved in India and adopted by Arabs ,specifically  the ability to solve for one unknown was critical in navigation .So Muslims contributed unwittingly since the West basically brought Algebra and the lanteen sail back from the Crusades. Both were vital to the critical navigation work that allowed Europeans to find the Americas. At the time of the European arrival there were at least 500  nations in the Americas, quite a few of which were very advanced civilizations. Not just the Aztecs, and Incas, and Mayans. In the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri Valleys the mound builders had cities of 15,000 to 50,000 people at a time when such populations constituted a pretty large city by European standards. This of course was problematic for the Europeans who coveted the land. Here the Muslims were of no assistance, wiping out the native civilizations was accomplished by microbes. We recount that story in more detail in our free on line E book Space as an Ocean / Protocols .

 The biggest contribution of the Muslims to the "very fabric of America" was probably providing Columbus and others with the incentive to push out into the "Western Ocean"  in the first place.  Every school kid knows that Columbus landed in the islands off the North American continent in 1492 while searching for an alternative route to Asia. But why was a new route to Asia needed?  Because the Muslims had closed the Eastern route through territory they controlled in 1453. This was devastating to European merchants who had previously traded for spices and silks with Asia by land. In those days spices occupied a primacy among commodities similar to what oil does today. He who controlled that one commodity became the maker or breaker of national economies. It was the Muslim goal to break the economies of Europe, over run it, and convert it to Islam by the sword. Sounds a lot like the ISIS today doesn't it?. Of course once the Europeans did find an all water route to Asia, the British and the Dutch competed, then cooperated to control the spice trade. Another story you can read about in our E book Space as an Ocean / Protocols . An interesting aside to the spice story is also available in our E book. The primacy of spices as the lynchpin of the world economy was broken by a brilliant act of naval / botanical skulduggery by the French which spread the production of spices all over the tropics and semi tropics including in the Americas, lower prices, increasing availability all combined to break the backs of the Dutch and British East India companies. Imagine what the availability of cost effective fuels and lubricants from renewable resources would do to the oil industry today. The Islamic nations of the Middle East had the U.S. and EU over a barrel for years and through OPEC were twisting the screws while complaining that the West had "stolen their patrimony".

 Relations between the ":Muslim World" and the then "Christian World" ( still 76% to 86% formally affiliated Christian  but presented by the present administrations in the U.S. and Europe as "Secular Humanist", the actual state religion today) were not good. In fact the basic relationship between what we now call "the West" and the Muslim world was basically a protracted state of War that ISIS believes has never ended.  Over nearly 400 years of constant warfare the boundaries between the Christian World and the Muslim World changed back and forth in Southern Europe. Jerusalem changed hands several times and was in Muslim hands when Columbus sailed back into a Spanish harbor with a little gold, new food products, and some human natives. The Muslims had already been booted out of Spain and Portugal. They were left holding Jerusalem but were about to be rendered inconsequential as Europe united the globe by sea routes.

No longer controlling the World's number one trade commodity (spices) the Muslim world was largely left with their sand. The bellicosity of Islam in demanding conversion or extermination drove the search for sea based trade routes. When that search proved successful the Muslim world was relegated to a back water for about 450 years. Without the constant aggression of  Political Islam, there would have been no pressure on Europe to put out to sea. Truly Political Islam provided the incentive to push out to sea, and the accidental discovery of America. Getting away from the sword wielding blood thirsty early practitioners of political Islam drove the European age of discovery. American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies

Slavery , the bane of U.S. history, that "peculiar institution" has a direct connection to the Muslim world. Slavery is condoned in the Qur'an and has been taken for granted throughout Islamic history even to this day. Today ISIS terrorists are taking women in their occupied lands for slaves and are also crucifying some, stoning some, raping some (also condoned in the Qur'an) and machine gunning bunches when in a hurry , burying some alive with their children in their haste. The opening of the transatlantic slave trade by the Europeans provided Muslim slave traders in Africa with a lucrative new market. The Muslim slave traders diligently worked to exploit this market. Denied a militarily enforced monopoly on spices, slaves became the new principal trade stock of the Islamic world.

 Oddly they also wanted to enslave their customers in the West but didn't have the military strength to do so. Of course as the Muslim slave traders roamed Africa's Sub Saharan region  looking for stock, they also converted many native peoples. They encouraged African wars and bought the Prisoners. Of course, due to shifting alliances and uncoordinated conversion efforts occasionally Black Muslims became enslaved. There was little concern about this among Muslim slave traders. However now two to four hundred years after the events the Hamas linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) claims the first Muslims in the U.S. were Slaves. That may be true of the American Continent but the slave trade didn't last long into the history of the U.S. since Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware were breeding slaves for markets in the deeper and western South. There was early on a concern about an over abundance of the slave population. The Confederate States of America banned the importation of slaves in its constitution. So a distinction has to be made between the United States and colonial America on this subject.

 The Westerners who bought, sold, employed slaves or tolerated slavery were working in opposition to Judeo-Christian teachings.   They eventually succumbed to societal prevailing arguments or force of basically Christian arms. By 1880 slavery had ended as an institution in the West, the international slave trade long before that. By contrast The Muslim slave traders were acting in accordance with permissive authority for slavery in the Qur'an and the recorded sayings of the Prophet. Slavery is still actively practiced in the Islamic World today. The most recent example is the enslavement of Christian women for sale in the sex trade by the ISIS. Something they brag about openly in the media and by the way they claim entitlement to the loyalty of all Muslims. Outside of one sect. of 125,000,000 members out of over 1.3 billion Muslims have you seen any formal repudiation of ISIS? Any Protest by Western Muslims? 

 No doubt at least nominal Muslims arrived in the colonial slave ships but the religion never held on. By the time of the abolition of slavery in the United States most slaves had adopted Christianity. This wasn't imposed on them by their masters, the appeal of a God who set a slave nation free made it attractive. Why wasn't there a massive slave revolt in the South as union armies advanced? The Christianity of the slaves largely kept them from assaulting their masters and their families. Many slaves acted to preserve the property of their masters from the invading Yankee armies. They did this not out of being cowed by their Masters but in obedience to Christian ethics. How did this work for them? The largely ethical behavior of America's slaves on the eve of liberation allowed them to go free with a White population not smarting over massacres or trembling in fear. The Reconstruction era would unfold with rising fear and the KKK would evolve but eventually fade. Christian Blacks imposed a massive guilt trip on Christian Whites. It wasn't a sword brandishing Muslim who ultimately led the United States to end segregation and impose Black civil rights on the remaining resistant Whites, it was a hymn singing Baptist minister.  

 So for all of the trauma that has unfolded in the wake of slavery in the United states we can find Muslim influence and active participation at the very fabric of this part of the history of the nation. Interestingly, their maximum contribution to this part of our history was at the maximum maritime contribution, supplying "cargo" to the slave ships. When the slave ships stopped calling, as was the case in the spice trade, Muslim economies suffered and Islamic societies became less consequential on the world stage. But their next contribution to our national development was in providing a maritime enemy for the early republic well suited to point out the need for and the public support for the permanent establishment of the United States Marine Corps.

 The First Barbary War (1801-1805) was our first official encounter with Political Islam or Islamic Jihadists. The Muslim world of North Africa had lost out of the spice trade due to their insistence on using it as a tool of domination. They had lost out on the slave trade due to Christianity induced attacks of conscience in the West. So naturally , again following their book's admonitions to subdue and "tax" the other "peoples of the book" they turned to piracy and a kind of "protection racket". The so called "Barbary pirates" felt empowered by their book to engage in kidnapping, enslaving, and ransoming non Muslims. They weren't quite strong enough to take British war ships but the British were disinclined to bring them to a bad end on behalf of suffering mankind. You see inadvertently the Barbary pirates were helping insure British merchant shipping monopolies. So British greed combined with a Muslim sense of entitlement to a life of maritime crime unintentionally combined to allow Muslim depredations on European shipping. It reached a point where the Barbary pirate states didn't really have to go out and capture ships very often, other European shippers were paying "tribute" in a kind of protection racket scheme. 

 Then U.S. Merchant ships began appearing and the demanded tribute was quickly delivered in steel by the U.S. Navy with embarked Marines. The Barbary pirate amphibious landings and fights so influenced the Marine Corps ethic and tactical culture that the influence is still felt today. The Barbary Pirates and the 5 year war they started with the fledgling United States helped convince the U.S. public of the need for a permanent Navy/ Marine Corps team. The Marines are still with us today and are proving themselves every day in the Middle East. But for the blood thirsty, belligerent, piracy, pillage, and enslavement that emanated from the Muslim World of 1801 we probably wouldn't quite have the same Marine Corps today.  For the fullest development of the U.S. Marine Corps a thoroughly despicable enemy was needed. Once again the Muslim world delivered right on time.  

 Muslim contributions to America continue today consider the TSA. Air travel once fun and adventurous, and on the way to becoming widely affordable did an abrupt about face after September 11, 2001. That event a direct attack on America destroying two very expensive buildings, damaging the Pentagon, and killing more than 3,000 people was brought to you directly by the al Qaeda, at the time the leading NGO in the Political Islamic movement. The event also led to a dramatic downturn in the American economy. The stock market crashed. The costs of the September 11, 2001 attack on America before factoring in the continuing costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan "wars" was in excess of $500 billion. And in the Muslim world? Dancing in the Streets ! 

 So there you have it the Muslim contributions to the "very fabric of our nation" mostly rips, soiling, and negativity. We did however make good use of the algebra, we went to the moon. But that still hasn't been far enough to escape the blood lust of the Muslims. Some of the rips and soiling led to strong patch work like the Marine Corps but over all the fabric of America is tattered and soiled from contact with the Muslim world. Today the ISIS has officially threatened America with direct action. Our President and Congress failed to so much as raise an eye brow. I suppose because ISIS didn't get a rise out of the boneheads who make up our government ISIS began tweeting threats directly to the American people. The people are listening and are not pleased. 

 There are American Muslims who fly the black flag and pass out literature supporting ISIS. We know there are ISIS agents among us. This site however, like the U.S. Government has always maintained that we are not at war with the religion of Islam. We know that not all of the 1.3 billion Muslims in the world are our enemy, or the enemy of mankind. But ISIS, HAMAS, al Qaeda et al are. So every Muslim, of any stripe, who supports them morally, financially, politically , or any other way that can can be demonstrated is our enemy and as guilty of murder, torture, rape, robbery, and enslavement as is ISIS. We have difficulty imagining a SUFI Muslim who would answer the call of ISIS to the genocide of the rest of the world. But its important to note that Sufis are persecuted by other Muslims in much of the Muslim World.  We know the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community teaches the separation of Mosque and State, and formally rejects all manner of terrorism. This community also promotes the rights of Muslim women and their education. There are over 125,000,000 Ahmadiyya Community members in the World. But the total of Muslim communities that have made formal written testimonies against terrorism, enslavement, the spreading of the religion by force are only a tiny fraction of the total 1.3 billion or so Muslims in the world. 

 Now ISIS calls all Muslims to its murderous self and commits genocide in the name of all Muslims. We non Muslim Americans have been targeted specifically and personally via twitter. We know nothing about the .o8% of our own population who are at least nominally Muslim except that some danced in the streets on September 11, 2001, some have marched under the black flag demanding police protection from non existent bystanders while they marched threatening Jews and Christians with extinction. Some were silent. A few after 9/11 made statements of sympathy and solidarity with their fellow Americans, but no one has made strong condemnation of any terrorist organization. There are no demonstrations in the street of American Muslims to deny affiliation or sympathy, condemn the crimes of the ISIS. We know there are some who support Hamas/ PLO  but not ISIS. Hell even al Qaeda has their doubts about ISIS, but its too late. 

 Hamas supports genocide against Israel. If you support one genocide you can't be trusted to denounce another. Now that we have already been killed by the thousands in our offices in 9/11, and personally threatened by ISIS who has a real record of mass murder, mayhem, and enslavement; American Muslims can't blame the other 99.02% of the American population for being concerned about them. Nor can the Muslim population, given Muslim past history of interaction with America expect to have some reservoir of past contributions, credit or good will to draw on. Nor are the American people in any mood right now to be sensitive of the feelings and delusions of the .08%.   America is drawing a line, the government might be two years getting to it unless speeded up by direct ISIS action. We think that in our essay linked below 
we tried to describe a lawful, intelligent line that rational people could use. 

  We hope that when the government finally wakes up and establishes an official line that it won't be so late that the one we propose can't be used. This nation once incarcerated an entire ethnic group who wouldn't leave a specific area voluntarily. The internment of the West Coast Japanese Americans in WWII is a blight upon our history, but should war be declared the legal possibility of such a measure aimed at Muslims is real. ISIS claims to be "The Islamic Nation". Since the legal state of "war" must be between "States" the possibility of a actual declaration of war is real now.  

 Should the U.S. declare war against the Islamic State, permitted "free speech" changes. Things being done right now that are viewed by most Americans as "hate speech" but go unpunished under existing law due to confusion with protected religious speech, would be treason after a declaration of war.   American Muslims who want to be full citizens of this nation have to choose now to sincerely , publicly, and emphatically distance themselves from ALL TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS. Make no statements in favor of any terrorist organization, do not display any terrorists organization symbol, or anything resembling one. Don't donate to any charitable organization with even a remote connection to a terrorist organization.  Find a way to get on record as part of a group that firmly opposes ISIS. A line is being drawn.   Nothing has discredited the American Muslim Community more than its failure to defend the other peoples of the book against a now 13 year long campaign of terror. Muslims actually protected Jews in Spain when they ruled there. Where did they find authorization in their book to support, defend, fund and  participate in a genocidal war of terror against Christians and Jews? A line is being drawn, American  Muslims should hope that the final is as mild as this one: 

But better than hope, American Muslims should take proactive action by accepting the identifications of terrorists organizations and drop all support for Hamas. ISIS personnel have been found with Hamas in Gaza. To America these two will be considered one shortly. American Muslims should organize in formal and vocal refutation of any claim by ISIS or the "Islamic State to speak for them. American Muslim Religious Leaders need to teach their congregations the Islamic prohibitions against the crimes being perpetrated by ISIS/ Islamic State, if any. American Muslim Religious leaders must capture some Media time to demonstrate to the 99.02 % of the American Population that knows nothing about Islam, that there is no religious obligation for Muslims to overthrow secular governments or spread their religion by the sword, (good luck with that one). If the stunning silence of American Muslims in the face of the atrocities of the ISIS / Islamic State continue there can only be trouble ahead. ISIS and HAMAS are relentless and don't care what consequences for their acts flow your way. The first atrocity on American soil could trigger a declaration of war and immediate pressure on all American Muslims that could result in mass incarceration / deportations, even treason trials. Here is some sincere good advice for America's Muslims.  Sit down, shut up, don't march unless you march for the U.S. and/or against ISIS, burn your black flag, if you support pushing Israel into the sea, don't talk about it, don't donate to any cause that supports it. Develop a thick skin because the Muslim world is being humiliated daily by the Islamic State and its obviously bloodthirsty ways so you  Muslims are going to be subjected to ridicule, accusations jokes. It may not be fair but the point in our slightly tongue in cheek history above was to point out the very real fact that Muslims have no reservoir of historic goodwill or former good relations to argue. The American people have run out of patience even if the government has not.  

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