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      A History of Cargoes and Commerce over Land and Sea

           By Philip Parker
                 ISBN 978-1-59114-335-2  
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 ""The ancient world saw the expansion of Western Asian, Mediterranean and Polynesian civilizations as transport networks for trade were established. Later, imperial expansion reached far flung corners of the world. The Great Trade Routes examines the principal trade networks throughout history, encompassing coastal and trans-oceanic maritime trade, inland waterway traffic, and overland trade. Filled with fascinating historical detail, exotic locales, and a wealth of illustrations, the book analyzes the importance of trade to commercial and cultural exchange, focusing on great routes such as the Silk Road, the Grand Trunk, Via Maris, Hanseatic and Mediterranean sea-routes, tea and grain races and passages to the New World." Amazon's Book Description.

OUR OPINION: This is an enjoyable and informative book for anyone especially history buffs, but a bit pricey for general audiences. We'd recommend it as a library loan for anyone but at the present price we can only recommend it as a must have for the maritime and logistic professionals. It is a perfectly complimentary volume to previous recommendations we have made about certain ancient and continuing basic trade commodities such as Spices, Clay, and Salt. 
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