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 There are several movements active in Hawaii interested in some sort of enhanced soverignity for the Islands, through and including complete independence and restoration of the old monarchy. None have been violent in the past. China, however, is openly threatening to arm such groups in retaliation for U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. On its face it seems a bit silly. The people of these various independence groups are U.S. citizens with second amendments rights. If they wanted to form armed groups each individual member has the right to own guns. So they could just go a local gun dealer, or sporting goods store and instantly become an armed advocate of Hawaiian Independence. They have freedom of association so even though they may all be gun owners, nothing prohibits them from forming groups, corporations, fraternities, NGOs, etc.. So really, for all we know, all of the groups are already armed and organized soverignity advocates. Why would they need the Chinese if they wanted to resort to arms? More over, if the goal is some form of enhanced island independence why have anything to do with the Chinese, who also assert that they own the Hawaiian Islands and threaten to sue the United States over island soverignity ?

 Really the Dragon asserts that the Middle Kingdom is the true sovereign over Hawaii !  We thought they were crazy trying to assert soverignity over the "First Island Chain " in the South China Sea which included islands clearly well within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines. What we or the Philippines thought of their totally unfounded claims didn't provide so much as a speed bump in their attempts to take the islands. Their attempts at asserting soverignity over clearly held Philippine territory include flooding the area with Chinese "Coast Guard" vessels to enforce Chinese fishery laws, insure access of Chinese fishermen and exclude Philippine fishermen. That the Chinese would be sufficiently delusional to assert soverignity over a duly admitted state of the United States is actually not surprising. Certainly if they sued in an UN forum it would be a forum friendly to anyone other than the United States. The UN General Assembly is simply filled with nations that hate the United States. The Obama administration is a laughing stock everywhere in the world except the U.S. media, and is busy dismantling America's military might. So the Dragon is emboldened but not crazy, the Dragon realizes that the U.S. still packs a lot of sting and if an actual foreign force hit the beaches of an American State and were not immediately repelled the present President could be impeached in a heart beat and replaced with someone who would know how to mobilize the sleeping tiger that is the United States. So arming and egging on an Hawaiian independence movement seems to the Dragon a viable alternative to an invasion at this time.

 But again the Dragon miscalculates. The people who make up the Hawaiian independence movements are not stupid or poor students of history. They know what happens to cultures, civilizations, and nations that the Dragon covets. The leaders of the Hawaiian Independence movement want a better deal than they feel they've received so far out of U.S. statehood. They know about and don't want to be on the receiving end of the treatment that Tibet received. Chinese arming and directing any Hawaiian independence movement is highly unlikely. The movement is not made up of idiots looking to ruin their lives or swap what they view as an inadequate "deal" for the slave's chains of possession by the Dragon. However, the threat should be viewed as a clear indication of the convoluted thinking of the Chinese government and an example of how far that Dragon intends to swim. The Dragon is once again out for world conquest. So is Islam. So many global conquest plans just as the U.S. and the West are tiring of providing the planet with police services.  You can pick up more details in a recent Washington Free Beacon article by Bill Gertz. Hawaiian Independence Movement Attracts Chinese Interest


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