Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Capt. Fanell on China, Retirement Speech

Navy Intel Officer Warns of Future China Conflict 

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 HOW FAR WILL THE DRAGON SWIM? Capt. James E. Fanell USN (Ret.) knows. We recently carried the news of the retirement of senior naval intelligence officer Capt. James E. Fanell, USN and first introduced him to our readers in our post "Do You Read This Man's's Published Articles?"  . We think he is America's foremost expert on the rise, capabilities, and intentions of the Chinese naval establishment , a voice not always in sinc with the present mis-administration, and perhaps the one voice most worth hearing on China's naval establishment. We follow China's naval posturing and progress intently in our series of posts often subtitled "HOW FAR WILL THE DRAGON SWIM". Like us, Capt. Fanell sees a dragon that is swimming ever farther afield and growing ever stronger. But more so than us, he understands where the chinks in the Dragon's armor are and how the Dragon thinks. In short if anyone can discern the Dragon's INTENTIONS and any gaps between intentions and capabilities, he can. He will be sorely missed as an official voice to a tone deft administration. We, however are hopeful and somewhat confident that he will continue to be around in a second analytic career of some sort still publishing his analysis of the swimming dragon. We will be watching and reporting and linking you to where ever he may appear in print or electronic media. One place to look for past writings and probably for future analysis is in the NAVAL INTELLIGENCE PROFESSIONAL'S QUARTERLY, an on line magazine @  NIP QUARTERLY ON LINE a suggested key word search entry might be "RED STAR RISING".

  The Washington Free Beacon sent a reporter , Bill Gertz to Capt. Fanell's retirement ceremony and his description of the ceremony , the impressive list of attendees, and Gertz's interpretation of the Captain's retirement speech is in the linked article. We however, had in attendance incognito Namazu's old pal Vic Socotra. Vic knows we like to get our Capt. Fanell analysis unadulterated by even relatively benign media commentary or editing. Fanell's China analysis, like Jack Daniels Black Label, or any good scotch should be taken "straight up".  So in addition to the links above to the Washington Free Beacon article we also provide a link to the actual text unadulterated, of Capt. Fanell's retirement address courtesy of a purloined copy from Namazu's intrepid buddy  Vic Socotra . Vic is another guy we recommend be on your daily reading list. You can find his blog THE DAILY SOCOTRA by simply clicking on Vic Socotra anywhere you see him in this text. HERE IS OUR INTERNAL LINK TO HIS COMPLETE RETIREMENT SPEECH TRANSCRIPT: CAPT. JAMES E. FANELL TRANSCRIPT



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