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"Pandemonium could be wrought" in 

Europe by "targeting" shipping

ISIS document claims 


 Shades of the Barbary Pirates, indeed the plans by ISIS for their new strong hold in Libya are a virtual resurrection of the Barbary pirates.   but with a secondary twist, launching a half a million illegal migrants into Southern Europe. This time however they probably won't all be economically motivated illegal migrants but people ISIS forces onto the boats for a one way trip with ISIS agents mixed in. This plan, predicted by the late and un-lamented Muammar Gaddafi is designed to turn the Mediterranean into a "Sea of Chaos". But we think it may present the West and Southern Europe with an opportunity. ISIS thinks that history is trend. That faced with a half million imperiled souls, some of whom may be endangered at home as enemies of ISIS the EU will react as it has so far and rescue them at sea and eventually, for most, resettle them in Europe adding to the constant strain caused by the Islamification of Europe. But there is an alternative. while humanitarian consideration may compel the West  to rescue the imperiled, there is no obligation to admit the rescued to permanent residency or citizen tract programs. Refugee camps are permitted under international law. Armies of liberation have been raised out of such camp populations in the past the West being handed such a lemon by ISIS should make lemonade. 

Stephen Decatur in Mortal Combat with a Barbary Pirate captain,  Boatswain's made Rubin James just off the boarding plank behind Decatur took the sword blow intended for Decatur while head butting his opponent. At the moment both of James wrists were broken, but he managed to get off  a shot from one of the two pistols he carried. The sword blow struck James at the pommel on his head which seemed to barely phase him. He killed his initial opponent and went on partaking in the melee which eventually took the deck from the Corsairs. Decatur killed his first opponent in the action with the broken half of his sword. The Islamic pirates found the Americans unreasonable in combat, aggressive, and skilled. Eventually they decided that America could have the run of the Mediterranean without "tribute".   Original painting at the Naval Historical Center. Artist Dennis Malone Carter. 

 The lemonade recipe could look like this: 

Large acreage is perimeter fenced and tent cities established in advance of need.   Once refugees are settled in they are given a camp government constitution assuring that no camp government formed on the host nation's soil may violate any human right found in the International declaration of human rights or any right normally accorded the citizens of the host nation. Sharia law is expressly prohibited. A mayor/ council type of camp government constitution is given to the refugees, and supervised and monitored elections are held. This election of  camp governments should follow  a concerted effort by Western cooperative intelligence to uncover the ISIS agents that are sure to be embedded. There should be more than one camp, populations and areas should resemble medium sized Western military bases. Once populations have been settled in, and camp governments in place the population should be "employed" in construction of more permanent buildings. Basic food, clothing and shelter at this point is provided by governments and relief agencies construction workers would receive very modest wages with which they could improve their family's level of comfort. Getting the refugees out of tents and into better shelter should be the first construction priority. Schools must be provided and here is the opportunity to break the Islamic model. The school formal sessions will be limited to secular subjects taught from a Western perspective. Students should be given the opportunity to participate in student government and extracurricular activities and sports. At this point this is still a population on lock down needing special passes and Id cards to get out for short periods into the host community.

 Once the population is settled into comfortable camps having organized, supervised, but largely self governing communities the hard core Islamic militants, though not formal ISIS agents, must be neutralized. These should be banned by the detaining state from holding camp office , teaching, or leading religious observances or preaching. Actual ISIS agents found should be incarcerated. Once a system has been set up marginalizing the militant, the ideas of a government in exile and an army of repatriation should be introduced. Leaders in favor of such ideas should be permitted to communicate between and among camps. When serious visible support for such a development is perceptible, the Western allied authorities should suggest the formation of a Libyan government in exile and encourage a constitutional convention. Once there is a Libyan government in exile formed out of some of the half million people that ISIS intends to flood the West with, formation and training of an army to lead the repatriation effort can begin. Forewarned is forearmed. ISIS has telegraphed this punch. Western leaders are fools if they don't take the lead time and prepare to turn this ISIS move on its ear. We can look at this tactic as another horror of border control and out of control Islamic immigration, or we can look at as ISIS sending us the seeds of their own eventual destruction. Of course that assumes that Western politicians are capable any more of any wisdom, imagination, or any ability to really act. Unfortunately turning Southern Europe into a massive Islamic immigration station is not the end of ISIS plans for mayhem in the Mediterranean. Let's now examine their planned revival of  the Barbary Pirates protection racket.

 ISIS has published opinion by it's strategists outlining the opportunity to disrupt Southern Europe by through targeting of "Crusader ships and tankers"in the Mediterranean as soon as ISIS has a sufficiently strong foot hold in Libya. ISIS also proposes that with Libya securely in ISIS hands cross Mediterranean amphibious raids on towns in Southern Europe would be relatively easy.  Of course if Western political leaders had any sense this would be reason enough for a massive NATO/EU intervention in Libya right now to assure that amphibious raids by Islamic forces never cross the Mediterranean. Don't hold your breath most European politicians are in an appeasement mode relative to their immigrant Islamic populations at a time when these populations should be sorted into dangerous and not dangerous, with the dangerous including all those lending economic support to terror no matter how small, deported. Any body see a "sort and deport" operation anywhere in Europe besides expungement of Jews at the behest of the Muslims?  So assuming that as usual Western Leadership fails to act timely against this threat, what happens?

 According to the ISIS plan published in Arabic in an online essay titled "LIBYA: THE STRATEGIC GATEWAY FOR THE ISLAMIC STATE". ISIS further described its intention to virtually stop Mediterranean shipping through systematic disruption, which we at AAB take to mean piracy for profit, and perhaps some assailing at sea vandalism. ISIS is definitely not a naval power nor likely to become one. The Muslim world has never been very successful at naval operations. Supporting a real navy requires an industrial base. Again something that "conquers " rarely excel at.  ISIS thinks  they can bring shipping  to a literal halt , "by targeting Crusader Ships and Tankers".  In this belief they seem to be ignorant of how things in the modern shipping world really work. Most cargo today is carried not by the national merchant marines of the "Crusader nations" but by ships operated with international crews and registered under "open registries" often called "flags of convenience". Depredations on such shipping take a while to get noticed and affect insurance rates, but naval intelligence will pick up such a pattern fast. ISIS might have some access to the sea in the early days of such an endeavor if stupidity in the Western camp leadership continues as it appears likely. But the situation is very different from the time of the Barbary pirates. 

 Back then the greatest naval power in the world was Great Britain which was strong enough to win a sort of unspoken exemption for their merchant shipping. When the Barbary pirates attacked British shipping powerful British war ships punished the Barbary Coast fleets and fortifications so heavily that it simply became uneconomic to attack British shipping.  So they avoided British shipping and concentrated on the merchant shipping of weaker states which Great Britain did not offer any protection to. Eventually they simply charged such states "tribute" for allowing the shipping to pass unmolested in a kind of uniquely Islamic "protection racket". Great Britain didn't interfere with the Barbary Pirates because their own Merchant Marine was commercially dominant in the world and Barbary Piracy helped keep them dominant in the Mediterranean shipping market. The cost of doing business in the region for any competition was kept up by the Barbary Pirates until they ran afoul of the newly formed United States .

 The United States was extremely small in terms of population and national wealth but had a fine Merchant Marine and would eventually raise an effective Navy both of which operated on very effective British models and were manned by skilled American seamen. The Americans weren't reasonable at all relative to maritime protection rackets , did not confine themselves to protecting only their own shipping, burned entire fleets including their own captured vessels, attacked strong holds ashore and seemed willing to spend any amount on naval combat vice "one red cent on tribute". Perhaps the ISIS thinks that with a Muslim in the White House there will be no American intervention. They miss the point. The Merchant Marines of Europe are only a remnant kept mostly for military auxiliary purposes. There will be no divide and conquer effect in a resurrection of Barbary piracy. Once the activity become obvious enough to become visible to European political leaders the very formidable navies of Southern Europe including France, Spain, and Italy will quickly interdict the North African Coast, they will no doubt be aided by EU and NATO ships of the Northern EU including Great Britain, even if Britain eventually formally leaves the EU. 

 So clearly we don't think ISIS knows how or has the means or is likely to ever have the means to turn the Mediterranean Sea into a long term "Sea of Chaos". But with the usual shortsightedness and cowardice at work in the Western camp leadership  they will probably get off to a flying start before being utterly crushed. There really is no need for Southern Europe to endure this. Stop waiting for adult leadership to arrive from America, there isn't any there right now. Use your own modern weaponry, cross the inland sea and crush ISIS in Lybia now. Demand from the United States such support as it is obligated to give you as a NATO member. You are under attack. Don't wait for regular columns of ISIS infantry to land on your beaches, destroy them over there. Don't wait for America to do it for you, they won't be coming in any real force until the Muslims are out of the White House and trust us they will not be shot out. The American presidency even though presided over by an apparent enemy of the state will change peacefully and in accordance with U.S. constitutional processes. The nation will be years fixing the damage. But Southern Europe doesn't have two years or more to wait, there is a Muslim army on your door step and a Muslim fifth column in your midst. People who lead movements that are basically modeled after a flock of locust aren't that smart. They have telegraphed their next punch Southern Europe will you ignore the message?  Its sink or swim time Italy, Spain, France, Greece. Good luck.


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