Monday, June 6, 2016

Lesser-Known Lifeboat Celebrated at Coast Guard Station Chatham

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Coast Guard Station Chatham (U.S. Coast Guard photo)
Coast Guard Station Chatham (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

"CHATHAM — Sitting across from its movie star predecessor, a much used but less-heralded U.S. Coast Guard lifeboat was given its own 15 minutes of fame during a ceremony Friday at Coast Guard Station Chatham." READ THE FULL STORY 
 The Disney movie "FINEST HOURS"  featured the smaller and more famous CG rescue boat the CG 36500 used to rescue 32 crewmen from the stricken U.S. tanker PENDLETON in 1952 . ( MOVIE REVIEW AND LINKS TO BIOGRAPHY OF COXSWAIN BERNIE WEBBER.).  However the CG 44301 was the first 44-foot motor lifeboat purchased by the Coast Guard, commissioned in Chatham in 1963, and it was the last to go out of service about seven years ago. The CG 44301 had its own unique though less storied history. On May 9, 2016 Sam Mintz of the Cape Cod Times of Hyannis, Mass. told the story of the CG 44301. CAPE COD TIMES

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