Wednesday, June 22, 2016


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The response by Obozo and the lame stream media to the mass murders by Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen in Orlando was predictable and adhered to the the now eight year old Islamic apologist pattern. Not once has the President or any of his minions been able to mouth the words,"Islamic terrorism"; seems we are still plagued by the deadly stalker that can not be named. Oh yes, Obozo did spread plenty of blame around pointing his skinny finger at the NRA, guns in general, the Republicans as always, and Donald Trump, the one office seeker unafraid to say the words out loud, "Islamic Terrorism". We shouldn't be surprised this is the pattern of the last eight years as the administration goes to any lengths to deflect any connection between Islam and terrorism, or even the inhumanity to man that daily occurs in Islamic states under the Sharia.
 Enough is enough, Orlando wasn't just another attack. Such attacks were called for by the Islamic State (ISIS) , the perpetrator claimed loyalty to ISIS, and and ISIS took credit in the aftermath. Like it or not, ISIS is a de facto state, occupying territory tenaciously contested by an alliance of powers and carrying out governance within those borders, which ISIS certainly defends better than the United States defends its southern border. ISIS holds territory in the Middle East and Africa and defends it against all comers. ISIS has more than 6 million people living in its new “caliphate”.  It has recruited more than 85,000 jihadists. Isis has revenues making between $2 million and $4 million every day from Its "taxes", shake downs, and illegal oil sales, and sales of sex slaves. Plain and simply.the  Orlando attack was an act of war. It was not ISIS first act of war upon the United States or within the United States. It was not another "lone wolf" event, rather it is an example of a new Muslim Jihadi strategy. Wake up America!  It is time to declare war on ISIS and all related Islamic Jihadi non governmental organizations (NGOs) . Giving OBOZO war powers will not result in any action as we already know by his own admission he "stands with the Muslims". But we have to be ready to enable use of the War powers  should a new President who is not Hillary or Bernie, Marxist fellow travelers with the Islamic State; make it into the White House.

 The continental United States is a theater of operations in this war and has been for some time. We can't continue to follow the International Law of Armed Conflict in the Middle East and typical U.S. law enforcement use of force policies inside the U.S.. We can't continue to define Islamic Terrorist attacks as "work place violence", "lone wolf attacks", etc. These must be treated as coordinated acts of unlawful combat and be responded to under the law of armed conflict, no Miranda warnings, defeat, not arrest of the enemy is the goal. Ambush of enemy individuals and forces upon reliable identification and without warning is permitted. People funding the enemy, are the enemy and should be arrested and tried for espionage ( if non citizens) or treason (if citizens). The army may be fully employed against the internal enemy within zones declared "military theaters" by the President. 

  Global jihadism, is the ideology of ISIS and its strategy for global conquest. ISIS and its fellow traveling NGOs and secretively cooperative nations are committed to killing and enslaving all Americans. Why do we continue to tolerate it? .......oh yea, OBOZO "stands with the Muslims...sorry I forgot. 

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