Monday, June 13, 2016

What Was really The Worst Shooting In American History?



EDITOR'S UPDATE: This post by Namazu was first written after the mass shooting incident in Orlando. Now we address the shootings in Las Vegas. The two incidents have much in common. The MSM still has called both "the biggest mass shooting."..etc. We still note that even Las Vegas pales beside Wounded Knee, where the shooters were soldiers, the land was sovereign to the Sioux Nation, and the government entered the premises for the express purpose of taking from the Sioux their lawfully owned weapons. In other words a gun control mission in violation of treaty rights and the constitution caused more gun deaths than any terror incident in this century. We repeat our observation from the Orlando incident: "The news concerning the Orlando Pulse Club Massacre has been slanted from the first moment to push public opinion away from seeing any connection with this murderous rampage and Islam, and to gain public support for ending all 2nd amendment rights to effective self defense. Disarming the innocent, never makes them safer."  We can only add in terms of the Las Vegas Incident; "ditto".

Greetings Biped! 
   It grieves me to have to address you this Monday after the terrible attacks on the LBGT community in Orlando , but as usual the official American media and their darling Obama are trying to spin the incident to their political advantage. The myths are already being perpetrated. As you know I've been an observer of biped history for over 3,000 years so my memory is long, and I'm not easily drawn into the opinion manipulation that passes for journalism in America today.  My biped friends so constantly subjected to opinion manipulation please note the following:

1. When President Obama addressed the nation , despite the fact that he knew at the time that the perpetrator in the Orlando case was a Muslim and had pledged allegiance to ISIS he did not once use the term "Islamic Terrorism" in any of his public utterances. Its bad enough that the American public is under attack from "an non-uniformed enemy" but how can you ever expect to get the situation under control or defeat an enemy that can not be named. The media has used the term "Islamic" very sparingly throughout its coverage. 

2. The victims in this latest atrocity were all either members of the LGBT community or their guests at a festive night out. But no mention is ever made of Islam's clear admonition to its members to kill LBGT people, very little American media coverage ever addresses the almost daily executions by hanging , and being thrown from a height all over the Muslim world for the offense of being gay or transgender. But the media was quick to negatively criticize the Lt. Governor of Texas for tweeting a biblical quote days before the Orlando event, that doesn't even mention homosexuality, the quote addressed personal responsibility in general, but the media labeled it "hateful" and "insensitive". The American media has been utterly silent about Turkish (Islamic) media reports covering the incident with headlines like "50 PERVERTS SHOT IN BAR" . So by American media standards apparently tweeting a bible verse , any bible verse is hate speech, while an incendiary and completely hateful headline by an Islamic news paper is not worthy of mention, much less criticism. 

3. Notice the media attention on the fact that the Omar Mateen, the shooter obtained his weapons "legally". Despite the fact that he had appeared on a watch list and had been investigated by the FBI. Yet, thousands of American military veterans with training, and proven reliable characters are denied the right to purchase a "legal firearm" by administrators under the Obama administration. Any veteran with evidence of ever having a financial problems, or treatment for any mental issues is routinely denied his second amendment rights that he or she fought for. These vets carried guns to protect your freedom, and placed their lives at risk, but are routinely denied the right of effective self defense. Yet a Muslim who has repeatedly come to the attention of the FBI as a potential terrorist is allowed to purchase weapons and be gainfully employed in armed security. The media and the government want to use the incident to convince the American public to make it even more difficult for ordinary citizens to effectively defend themselves. Your friendly neighborhood giant catfish perceives not a problem with gun control laws, but an issue of selective enforcement. U.S. military veterans trained and predisposed to defend others are routinely denied their second amendment rights while points are stretched to assure Muslims can bear arms in the United States even though the murder of any of you who refuse to convert is a basic tenet of their so called religion.

4. Notice how the media and the White House continually call this the biggest gun death ( or mass shooting ) incident in American history.  Here is an inconvenient truth. In terms of unarmed civilians shot to death including men,women, and children this is not the largest incident. But this is the largest incident where the shooters weren't National Guard members or Pinkertons. As the 19th century was coming to a close and in the early parts of the 20th century Native Americans and labor movement members were shot to death in large casualty incidents across the nation for failure to conform to either government edicts or demands from major industrialists. The uppity but either unarmed or grossly under armed participants in peaceful protests by Native American and labor movements were put to death by Gatling gun wielded by either National Guardsmen operating under state orders , or the preferred henchmen of the era of capital, the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. At the Massacre of Wounded Knee , December 29, 1890 at least 250 unarmed men women, and children of the Sioux nation were killed by the U.S. Calvary, at least 50 more Native Americans were injured. However some historians believe the death count may have exceeded 300, and that the massacre was covered over as a "battle", The army give out over 13 Medals of Honor in the aftermath. Given the small number of weapons collected, and the small number of Army casualties there could have been nothing so desperate in what the Army of the time characterized as a "fight" to warrant so much "gallantry". The judgement of history is in, Wounded Knee was a massacre. The Indian nations protest those medals to this day as part of the now exposed cover up. The government to this day has refused to acknowledge any wrong doing. Keep in mind at times Wounded Knee was and is within the Sioux Reservation. The labor movement knew the jack heel of government as well. The Ludlow Massacre on April 20, 1914 was an attack by the Colorado National Guard and Colorado Fuel & Iron Company camp guards on a tent colony of 1,200 striking coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colorado, The casualty numbers are still disputed but no one can argue that miner's wives and children were shot to death. Our point is simple. The news concerning the Orlando Pulse Club Massacre has been slanted from the first moment to push public opinion away from seeing any connection with this murderous rampage and Islam, and to gain public support for ending all 2nd amendment rights to effective self defense. Disarming the innocent, never makes them safer . Gathering the innocent into "gun free zones" is giving the Islamic terrorist the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel. 

American bipeds neither the American media nor your present government is believable, or any way has your best interests at heart. An agenda is being pushed, wake up!  

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