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Photo: Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia

 Ann Corcoran is a reliable and fair minded observer and reporter on the on going Islamification of America. Her organization 'THE REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT WATCH " is producing some vital and truthful information on the process that Islamist fascist call the HIJRA. The Hijra is the religious obligation to spread Islam to the point of being the dominant global religion. Our mission here at American Admiralty Books is to focus on the maritime world, to produce an encyclopedic on line reference work to the entire collection of efforts, disciplines, and areas of endeavor that make up the maritime world.  Islamic generated troubles now account for over one third of U.S. aircraft carrier deployments and that is how we first became observers and reporters on the HIJRA. The European Union, U.S. Government, and "big media" are on a coordinated campaign to enforce the Islamic anti "blasphemy" laws of Islam on the rest of us. The concept of "blasphemy" under all forms of Islam is simply any form of communication that is any way critical of Islam. Penalties range from imprisonment, to whippings, and death, or any combination there of. Obviously neither the EU nor the U.S. are quite ready to impose the full penalties of Islam just yet. What they are trying to do is to deny access to any effective media by anyone who opposes the Islamification of America. The major TV and radio networks already carefully self censor their reports. A Muslim cuts the head off of a co worker in an American work place and sets about to see how many more he decapitate and the major media call it "work place violence" never "Islamic terrorism". Meanwhile in the social media we are already being warned that our tweets and posts may be censored by the dashboard and service providers if such are judged not complimentary to Islam. If we, American Admiralty Books are to survive to service our primary market of maritime and naval professionals and hobbyist we are forced to tone down our criticism of Islam. The Democratic governor of Louisiana has already demonetized our blog already. (See THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ELECT DEMOCRATS

 At the moment we don't plan to pull from our blog archives previous posts that might be considered critical of Islam, or even just historically truthful posts. But we are forced to tone down our social media marketing of such posts. Increasingly we are afraid that posts such as this where we link you to experts in the field (termed "resistors" by the Feds) are about all we do to help spread the truth without becoming full time advocates for immigration reform and abandoning our services to our members. Obviously, our social media promotion of such information sources will be hopefully devoid of the more obvious "buzz words" the "internet PC police will be looking for. Below are some links to the very knowledgeable Ann Corcoran 

Here is Ann's 4.5minute introduction to the U.S. Islamic Resettlement Watch:

Here is Ann on "Diversyfing the U.S."  about 58 minutes

Refugee Resettlement: Changing America One Town at a Time

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