Sunday, October 28, 2012


A Replay Worth Watching:


 Watch this YOUTUBE video of a spontaneous dolphin rescue on a Brazilian beach.  Less than forty yeas ago this event probably would have ended quite differently. The Dolphins for some inexplicable reason cruise into the beach and strand on the surf line. This is usually a fatal event for the entire school of dolphins. This time humans, immediately come to the rescue. Notice the total lack of fear of the beach goers around these large toothsome mammals. But perhaps the most amazing aspect of this event is that no matter what went wrong with the dolphin's built in sonar directional system, once they are physically turned around by the humans they know the way out of the surf line and don't repeat the stranding. We want to popularize this video as much as possible in the hopes that the next stranding on a populated beach will go the same way. Time is critical. Worrying excessively over the right or wrong way to handle the animals can mean death. The beach goers quickly figure it out and grab the animals by the tail and pull them to safety where they can be seen swimming off to deeper water apparently none the worse for wear.

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