Friday, October 12, 2012

An attorneys view of the Jones Act:

Capt. Klaus Luhta Defends the Jones Act

Capt. Klaus  Luhta

 In a previous series of posts spread over two weekends we introduced you to our crew using their assumed pen names in our series of posts titled simply "WHO THE HELL ARE WE?" We also explained why so many of us value not having our real names out on the internet since we have experienced how weak the so called whistle blower laws are and how vindictive government bureaucrats and politicians can be when someone throws some daylight into the corridors of government. Well, meet Capt. Klaus Luhta, a United States Merchant Marine licensed master and attorney at law. He is also a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and sailed for over a decade before entering into the practice of law.  Capt. Luhta wrote about why the Jones Act must be defended in his own personal blog (where we tagged the picture), publishing his picture and, we assure you, using his real name. Back in April the Act was under attack by Senator McCain and Captain Luhta published in defense of the Act. We thought that we would introduce our readers to the Captain, his blog, and his defense of the Jones Act which fills in some chapter and verse that we hadn't gotten to. And it is with his assessment that we will close our little "expose' "on the subject. We close with the fervent hope that a trained investigative reporter will "follow the money". Click on the provided link to read Capt. Lutha's blog post: 

                                              SUSTAINING THE JONES ACT A NECESSITY" 


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