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For our many readers involved in the search for, or production of offshore oil, we provide this copy of an advertisement that we found and checked out. The author Louis W. Powers proved out to have a fine record as a professional employee of EXXON (about 19 years) and ARAMCO (about two years) with decades of service as an independent petroleum consultant. His work comes recommended by serious petroleum Industry professionals and academics like Dr. John Lee, Petroleum engineering professor at Texas A&M and Gene Ames, former chairman of the Independent Petroleum Association of America. We think the book runs about $69. If you are concerned professionally with the real level of global proven oil reserves and other critical oil related questions of the day so likely to influence economic development, war and peace; American Admiralty Books recommends this reference work.

Oil Drilling Platform
Photo by  Andrew Schmidt                                                                                 
 Amazon has the book in stock. You may click on the book cover icon to order from Amazon. On 10/2/2012 the advertised Amazon price was about $7.00 cheaper than the direct from the publisher advertised price.Things change over time so we have copied to you the publisher's advertisement. The "Order" button may or may not work but their ad has both a website address and an 800 phone number. You might want to shop price a bit but this book will no doubt be a standard reference for the Petroleum industry and policy makers for some years to come. Add it to your professional library before the first run sells out.

A glimpse into Petroleum in the Middle East
…with a personal twist!
With political turmoil in the Middle East contributing to price volatility and production problems, many experts have questioned if this critical region can continue to supply
petroleum for the global economy.
Former Saudi Aramco chief petroleum engineer Lou Powers offers insights into the major oilfields of Saudi Arabia, and whether their historic reserves can continue to deliver the petroleum that drives the global economy.
Written from the perspective of Powers’ more than 50 years in the global petroleum industry, this book gives readers a window into a world few understand, yet depend upon for their everyday needs.
• Powers’ journey to the petroleum industry in Saudi Aramco
• Case studies from an independent consultant’s view
• Technical and analytical perspectives regarding the industry
ISBN: 978-1-59370-271-7
330 Pages/Hardcover/6x9/August 2012
Price: $69.00

Order now to save 15%. Use the code: POWERS15 at checkout.
About the Author
Louis W. Powers has more than 50 years’ experience in production research, reservoir engineering, operations management, and consulting. Before entering private consulting in 1979, he worked with Exxon for 21 years, serving for two years as Saudi Aramco’s chief petroleum engineer. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University (BS 1957) and Ohio State University (MS 1958) in mechanical engineering.


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