Monday, October 1, 2012

Station Identification and Test Pattern 10/1/2012 (2)


File:Dock Street Annapolis.JPG
                                                              Looking Towards Dock Street From Ego Alley


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NEWS FLASH: HOPE THIS COMES THROUGH:.Big U.S. Fleet Nears Disputed Islands, But What For?

South China Sea

By Kirk Spitzer | September 30, 2012

TOKYO – It’s probably just a coincidence; no need to worry yet. But the U.S. has quietly assembled a powerful air, land and sea armada not far from where Japan and China are squaring off over disputed islands in the East China Sea.

Two Navy aircraft carrier battle groups and a Marine Corps air-ground task force have begun operating in the Western Pacific, within easy reach of the Senkaku Islands. That’s where Japanese and Chinese patrol boats are engaged in an increasingly tense standoff. Check the TIMES for additional Details. We are still having technical difficulties

Philippines sends more troops to guard disputed islands
(AFP) – 30 Sept 2012
MANILA — The Philippines has deployed 800 more Marines and opened a new headquarters to guard its interests in the disputed Spratly islands, which China also claims, a senior military official said Sunday.
Straddling vital shipping lanes and believed sitting atop vast reserves of mineral deposits, including oil, the Spratlys chain in the South China Sea has long been considered a flashpoint for conflict in the region.
Apart from the Philippines and China, the Spratlys are claimed in whole or in part by Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan.

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