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CARP, Under Fished in America, Enthusiastically Fished Around the World


GRASS CARP: Photo by U.S. Geological Survey

Recently we published a blog post where in the great Namazu   introduced our newer readers to our Epic Fish Video editor "Beastie"   .
NAMAZU / BEASTIE AND 600 POUND GOLD FISH   Within that post (linked to your left) we included some links to sample videos of Beastie's work. One was titled 600 Pound Gold Fish. This was a 45 minute video about fishing for giant carp in Asia.  Carp are native to Asia and parts of Europe, are considered both a game and commercial fish, an important food source. Carp are also the source of domesticated decorative fish like the common gold fish and Koi: 
                                                                         Photo by:  Stan Shebs

Unfortunately in the United States where a number of species of carp have been introduced in most places they are considered intrusive. Fishermen target the native game species and its not difficult to by pass the carp because they are rather finicky eaters and ignore most baits. But one can learn effective carp fishing techniques and once into carp fishing you are into some of the largest and hardest fighting fish to inhabit fresh waters. More over most species are excellent for cooking and eating. Unfortunately because in some places the Carp don't seem to attract native predators, and the sport fishermen tend to ignore them, some states spend inordinate amounts of money on carp control. Because of that if you are a carp fisherman there usually are no limits on size or number of fish you can take! Hello! Big hard fighting fish, good to eat, no limits! Not only that but landing big catches you are helping restore the natural balance in American waters and saving your state money on carp control. Sorry didn't mean to yell but down here in Louisiana where so many of the staff spend the winter big fish, no limits gets us excited. Unfortunately there is such a variety of great native game species here in big numbers that few rod and reel fishermen target the carp, and as we mentioned the carp are pleased to ignore unskilled efforts. 

 We think this reputation as finicky eaters or even as total vegetarians (mostly misconception) is the reason that most carp fishing in Louisiana is by bow fishermen who simply shoot visible carp in clear shallows. Well carp can be caught on Rod and reel and they can be big and put up a real battle. But you have to know the techniques. Unfortunately neither Namazu or Beastie both native to salt water know the techniques, and  I'm a typical carp clueless Louisiana /Maryland fisherman. Fortunately one our regular g-circle members is actually a carp fishing expert and guide:  Tony Davies Patrick has been studying carp, even getting into the water to do so for about half a century. He has caught and guided carp fishing expeditions all over the world.
Tony Davies-Patrick  and is currently living in of  all places FRANCE running carp fishing expeditions including instructions. We sort of exclaimed France because Louisiana has a lot of French speaking fishermen, who haven't visited the "mother country" yet. What an opportunity. Learn to catch big tasty fish, that back here in Cajun country come with no limit, save our conservation service tax dollars on carp control, and get a great vacation in France all for one price. To learn more about Tony's Carp "expeditions" ( check out your charming quarters ) go to: .  By the way, as the legal department so often reminds us full disclosure requires a "disclaimer'. We were not paid for this "plug" for Tony, have not used the service and so we can't endorse it. As always you should check it out but we've given you the publicly available information to start your research....that's what we do.

 In addition for those of you who aren't likely to pack up for France any time soon but may be looking at some of your local ponds, lakes, and rivers in a somewhat new light and want to learn about rod and reel carp fishing on your own we offer the following informative links.

Wikipedia, a general reference on Carp:

WORLD FISHING NET WORK: A more sport fishing general reference:




LETS GO CARP FISHING by New York State Conservation Dept., includes a carp receipt right up front:


Check out this unique fly fishing video, shot in on the American Great Lakes, clear water, sight casting for big Carp:

Really, America, reconsider carp fishing!

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