Tuesday, December 3, 2013



We have done a few things in our still developing shops in the AAB SHOPPING MALL that you might want to spend a little time looking at whether you ultimately buy on line in our mall or go try and find the same things in a real mall. First lets talk life preservers or personal flotation devices (PFDs) again. 
 a "compliance life jacket" people don't wear these all day.

As we described the other day when we first posted on this subject few outdoors-men buy themselves top quality PFDs opting instead for the lower cost "compliance models" which merely meet regulatory carriage requirements for life preservers aboard recreational boats. Unfortunately study after study indicates that the PFD that will actually save your life is the one that you actually wear. The compliance models are inexpensive, bulky, and uncomfortable and generally stay in storage until the skipper thinks the boat is in danger of sinking. Unfortunately most deaths on recreational boats result from people falling overboard, especially into relatively cold water  while not wearing a PFD. We have organized a great deal of consumer information for you at the PFD counter in our FISHING STORE in the shopping mall. There you will find the regulatory requirements and classifications of PFDs , find links to official PFD information sites, and look at bunches of images of various PFDs, if so inclined you can even order right there. But regardless of who you buy from, drop in on our Fishing Shop and get a bit of an education on PFDs. Consider the gift of life protection for that water sports enthusiasts on your list. 
Comfort Series Life Vest a mid priced "comfort Jacket"

A life time with every spare minute spent in the sun can result in cataracts, something your eyes don't need. Sun glasses, almost any type will reduce the chances of getting cataracts. But if you know what your are doing when selecting "shades" you can really enhance your outdoor experience, peering deeper into the water with better discernment of where the cover, or actual fish are, eliminating glare. Did you know there are "shades" you can wear at night that will actually enhance your night vision? Dark "smoked" glasses, Dark or light Rose color, blue, yellow why do they come in so many different colors? There actually is a reason far beyond fashion. Product Details    We've gathered up information on the selection and uses of various types of sunglasses as well , at the sunglasses counter in our FISHING SHOP. Again you can order right there or just collect information and get what you want at a real mall later. In either case shopping our mall always means lots of useful product information, no hassles from commissioned sales people. THE AAB SHOPPING MALL all the merchandise of Amazon but sorted and displayed with our readers interest in mind. We are just getting started in building our mall. Visit often, things change daily. If you feel you can, please buy through our Amazon portal and support our work. Thank you !

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