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"REAL PIRATE SHIPS", "AUTHENTIC PIRATE SHIPS" These key word searches brought quite a few people to our site recently. We're not sure what part of our content triggered the search engine though "pirate" and "piracy" and "ship" all appear with a great deal of frequency within these pages. We're pretty sure that what is being sought though is nothing about the plague of modern piracy. We believe that the below described book probably contains the information sought.

THE PIRATE SHIP    You can click on the link to your left to actually reach the site where you really can peek inside the book. We have not had an opportunity to review this book yet. However our research after discovering an influx of people searching for this information leads us to believe that the dust jacket hype is pretty much true. This is a neglected subject and there isn't much out there except this book. Here is what the publisher had to say.

"The deeds and personalities of famous pirates have received significant attention in recent years: however, no detailed depiction of their vessels has ever been produced. This title redresses the imbalance, conducting a detailed exploration of the wide variety of pirate vessels that sailed the high seas during the 'golden age' of piracy (1690–1730), from gun-bristling warships to smaller craft such as sloops, brigantines and early schooners. It incorporates the latest archaeological evidence to produce a fascinating account of these vessels, detailing their origins, development and tactical engagement. Packed with contemporary illustrations and superbly detailed colour artwork, the ships of the 'golden age' are brought vividly to life."  
  • ISBN-10: 1841764973
  • ISBN-13: 978-1841764979   If you don't care to purchase the book these ISBN numbers will help your librarian locate a copy. 

  • Folks interested in the actual vessels of the pirates of the era might also be interested in some of their most targeted ships from the early stages of the era , in which case we suggest:


 During the middle decade of the 16th century a new type of sailing vessel emerged, designed to carry the wealth of the Americas to Spain. This was the galleon, and over the next century these vessels would serve Spain well as treasure ships and warships, becoming a symbol of Spanish power and wealth during the period. The development and construction of the Spanish galleon are discussed in this book, and the ordnance and crewing needed to produce and maintain these stately vessels is covered. The author also examines the role of the galleon as a treasure ship, and describes how these ships were manned and fought in action.
  • ISBN-10: 1841766372
  • ISBN-13: 978-1841766379  Again, the ISBN Numbers will assist your librarian in finding a copy for you. If you click on the link you can look over a bit more of the book and order on line if you wish to do so.


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