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Greetings Bi Peds! 

 I've waited a while before commenting, the American lame stream media was having its day but it looks like they have finally fabricated their final crazy reason for why Hillary failed to make her scheduled coronation. You've heard it by now, "the Russians did it". As usual everyone over looked the true, simple and mathematically correct explanation. So since so many of you have come to rely on me for such insights I thought I'd explain the election in terms even the most left leaning democrat could understand. Here is the math.

1. Depending on whose survey you rely on between 71% to 79% of adult Americans are Christians. Let's average the high and low and suggest that  75% of voting age Americans identify with some type of Christian denomination.

2. Based on the primary presidential elections of both parties neither of the final candidates had very good public approval ratings. It was clear from the polling but not reported directly by the main stream media that most Christians saw the election as a choice between the "lesser of two evils." 

3. The main stream media which hates Christian pastors and ignores their pronouncements, paid no attention to the public pronouncements of pastors, Catholic, Evangelical, or Old line Protestant, but basically they all advised their flocks the same. "In a contest between the lesser of two evils examine carefully the platforms of the candidates and vote for the candidate with the platform that comes closest to supporting Christian values. 

4. While different Christian sects disagree some what on abortion, no real Christian community supports abortion through out pregnancy with out restriction up to and including "partial birth" abortion. Hillary's platform supported abortion including partial birth abortion, demanded more Federal funding of abortion, promised abortion liking federal judge appointments. Hillary made public statements that Christians would have to conform their beliefs to accommodate abortion. Even Christians who may be tolerant of abortion before the first trimester can't agree with government mandated religious dogma. Believe me I'm just touching on the single most obvious anti Christian elements in the Clinton platform. By contrast Trump's platform was plainly "pro life" and his public statement about religion (Me? I'm Presbyterian") didn't even hint at being tolerant of governmental demands to control religious teachings.

5. Now consider this, roughly 75% of American voters are Christian, and 86% of Christians reported voting for Trump. Obviously they simply followed the advice of their pastors, who in fact never endorsed a candidate by name. The plain and simple fact that America , despite pronouncements by Obama and his lawsuit against the Little Sisters of the Poor, despite the disapproval of the American media, and other elitist elements is in fact "A Christian Nation" created  Trump's irreducible base. 

6. The whinny Democrats still can't get over their claim that "Hillary won the popular election". But if you eliminate California, Hillary lost the "popular election" in all of the "Great Flyover States" by a whopping factor. Want to guess how many of those California "voters" were illegals? Consider that California has more "sanctuary cities" than just about anywhere, issues drivers licenses without proof of citizenship, and has a "motor voter law". The whole state is a virtual illegal alien sanctuary and they vote. Hillary did not win the legal popular vote. She was tossed out because she is an enemy of Christians,  period, Meanwhile The Muslims, the hope of the democrats, constitute about .o9% of the population. Stop their unlimited immigration and given their apostasy rate in the US coupled with their strong religious impulse and I bet on a Christian conversion of the bulk of that population in a generation or two. This is especially true if we enforce the existing laws making murdering a family member for quitting Islam a crime.  It wasn't voter fraud, or the Russians, or a hostile media (get real!) the Christians kicked the bitch out. Get over it ! 

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