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American Admiralty Books Safety & Privacy Policies   EU VISITORS WARNING POSSIBLE COOKIES AHEAD

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 The Great Namazu, Retired Japanese Giant Catfish Demigod, Now An Analyst for American Admiralty Books

 Are you getting tired  of the constant wave of socialist, globalist, atheist, propaganda that constantly emanates for the American mainstream media, especially the television and radio affiliates of ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN? Wonder where you can find real journalism instead of public opinion moulding propaganda?  Well, it seems like consolidation of news media ownership is making finding reliable sources of real journalism harder to find . Perhaps instead of changing the channel it may be time to fight back. Now this is something you can do, you the people of the United States, not President Trump. You know who you are, you live in the great fly over states between New York and California, you turned out and cast your secret ballot for Trump in droves. Yet because of the liberal meltdown, media driven demonstrations, and in some cases riots, calls from celebrities for the assignation of the President, the recent uptick in the purchase of firearms by liberals;  a lot of you keep your vote still secret for fear of the violent left. Much of the libtard uproar is driven by a mainstream media attack frenzy. Yes, you elected a tough President who talks back to the globalist, communalists, slime balls but the slime balls still control the media, and frankly we don't want the government to control the media. So what is a thinking biped to do? Actually you have far more power as individuals and as the collective public than you think.

 If you really want to see a return to real journalism that informs vice attempts to shape your opinion, you, as part of "we the people", have to exercise your legal power. What legal power do you have over the electronic media? All of it, once you understand the legal concept of the Commons and the fact that the electromagnetic spectrum that the electronic media uses to control the flow of information is owned by the public as part of the "Commons". 

Here is what I last published on the the concept of the commons:

"....Actually you've made some progress in such a determination. Unfortunately not all biped intelligence collectives are willing to abide by the existing and agreed definitions. The "commons of mankind" which we former demigods simply refer to as the "biped commons" consists of the solar system, where, by international agreement, no territorial claims can be made. The commons also includes the atmosphere which moves at will across international borders carrying weather and pollutants in all directions that the wind blows. The "commons" also includes the electromagnetic spectrum where among other things "cyber space" partially exists. Telecommunications also utilize the electromagnetic spectrum. There seems to be little disagreement that the electromagnetic spectrum is part of the commons and there have been many successful attempts at regulating its use in terms of nation state usage. But there are problems of piracy and lawlessness in this spectrum of the "commons" just as there are at sea. But most of the bad apples are individuals or gangs of law breakers mostly recognized as such by the "community of nations". To read more of my ideas about "the commons" 

 The most important point about the electromagnetic spectrum being part of the "commons" is that this medium upon which all electronic broadcast media is dependent is not owned by the media moguls, it is owned by "the people" "in common". All that the globalist, socialist, moguls own are various licenses issued by the Federal government through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ,which regulates this segment of "the commons" in your name. It is a requirement of every broadcast license issued by the FCC that such stations be regulated "in the public interest". Who decides if a station is "operating in the public interest"? You, the public do.

 All broadcast licenses are issued for a limited period of time. At periodic intervals, never more than 5 years,  the various classes of licenses must be renewed. A regular feature of such renewal processes is an opportunity for public comment. License renewal periods are not your only opportunity for comment, complaints about any broadcast activity "not in the public interest"  including propagandizing, may be filed with the FCC at any time. So "silent majority bipeds why do you continue to allow people you don't trust to operate in your commons, against the "public interest"? 

Fighting for real journalism and against a privately owned propaganda machine is a great example of the concept that all politics is local. Every radio and television network is made up of hundreds of individually licensed local stations.  Consequently the place to attack today's version of "yellow journalism" is at the local station level. No, you may not be able to muster enough support to get the license of certain urban California stations closed since the public there seems to be majority socialist lefties. But there were far more red states than blue. Within a few years the big networks could be toast if the viewing, listening public in the "Great Flyover" states unites in revolt against the use of your "commons" by propaganda wielding globalist, communalists, pro death, atheists net work owners. But the likelihood is that these big corporations with stockholders to please would simply reform their journalistic practices and programming long before they were in imminent danger of losing their entire networks. They may be fuzzy headed "leftards" but money still talks .  When CEOs and CFOs butt heads, boards of directors are apt to crunch the numbers and go with the CFO. 

 So what do you as an individual do? First start paying attention, keep a viewing journal and start writing letters of complaint to the FCC with specific instances of what you consider to be propaganda in both local news programing and net work produced national news. If you have time, write one a week and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Use that same journal at local station FCC broadcast license renewal time, send a letter of complaint to the local station stating why you feel they don't "broadcast in the public interest", send a copy directly to the FCC. If you have the time and inclination, organize audience groups to do this. Write to corporate sponsors of network news shows and in no uncertain terms let them know that you will be boycotting their products if they continue to sponsor propaganda masquerading as news. 

 Keep in mind that attacking network propaganda moguls through the FCC must be a grassroots effort of public.  If your President were to attempt this he would be subject to the same type of criticism that Obama was subjected to for using the IRS to persecute conservatives. When it comes to the battle between the George Soros propaganda mill and the President, all the President can do is talk back, and he never gets the last word. Bipeds, you own the electromagnetic spectrum in common, George Soros and his media cohorts are just licensees. You can limit their access if they are not "broadcasting in the public interest". Broadcasting in the public interest doesn't mean a free and uncritical ride for either left or right. But is definitely not a constant stream of leftist propaganda and disguised editorial opinion.  Back when the media took their obligation seriously about forty years ago, stations and networks often revealed their corporate politics and openly advocated and endorsed policies and candidates , but were careful to clearly label such verbiage as "editorial opinion". There was nothing wrong with that. Today they just slant and spin the news. You "the people" can put a stop to it. Below is information related to filing an FCC complaint. 

Filing a complaint

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