Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The Hispanic Army veteran named Esteban Santiago, identified as the Fort Lauderdale Shooter is also known as Aashiq Hammad, a self identified Muslim convert and Jihadist. This was learned recently by FBI Investigators searching Santiago / Hammad's computer recovered from a pawn shop according to an article in JUDICIAL WATCH. Journalistic investigators reviewing public records have found material suggesting most strongly that Santiago / Hammad is a radical islamic terrorist. In addition to his taking on of a Muslim name, he has down loaded or recorded various Islamic religious songs including the Muslim Declaration of Faith known as the Shahada. He posted a thread about downloading videos from Islamic terrorists on a weapons and explosives on line forum. This Jihadist identity isn't new for Santiago / Hammad he assumed the Aashiq Hammad identity in 2007. His pre attack visit to the FBI claiming that the CIA was trying to convert him to the Jihad, hearing voices in his head etc. considered with his quiet surrender to authorities after emptying two clips of bullets into people would appear to be a set up for an insanity plea. Santiago paints himself as a US military vet who may have gone off the deep end suddenly. But the mounting evidence is that he is just another self converted, self actuated, ISIS influenced murdering Muslim. This was a pre-planned mass murder. 

 Of course this news doesn't fit the mainstream media mantra of Islam as a "religion of peace" so it has been suppressed. The official federal press releases are starting to look more and more like something of a replay of the Benghazi cover up. The Obama administration appears most anxious that the storyline continue to be that an insane American veteran  went berserk in an airport. The truth appears to be more likely another Islamic terror attack. Not centrally orchestrated to be sure, but a response to the ISIS global call to Jihad. It is interesting to note that Santiago / Hammad lives within walking distance of the only mosque in Alaska. The obama administration and their media allies appear to want to portray this atrocity as a white Hispanic Alaskan military vet mental case example of "gun violence". 

 Is anyone asking why Santiago / Hammad picked Fort Lauderdale? Does he know anyone in the powerful Islamic community there? The Islamic community in Broward county is powerful enough to demand that Broward County public schools close twice a year to celebrate Islamic holy days. Has terror ever been exported from this community? Records from the Florida Department of Law enforcement indicate that Al Qaeda terrorist Adnan G. El Shukrijumah is a graduate of the local community college and bomb maker. El Shukrijumah by the way was born Javier Robles. When will America face up to the fact that Islam is the enemy, that many mosques are centers of domestic terrorist planning and support?  

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