Monday, January 9, 2017

NEWS FLASH: U.S.Navy Fires Warning Shots At Iranian Vessels



The USS MAHAN, a US naval destroyer, fired  Sunday on fast approaching Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps vessels . The IRGC are the bad boys of the various naval forces of Iran, rather irregular and not very well known for understanding the international laws to prevent collision, other relevant international law, or nautical signaling and communications. According to various main stream news sources the USS MAHAN fired three warning shots at the unrepentant miscreants in the Strait of Hormuz. Apparently the MAHAN established radio contact with the IRGC fast boats which were approaching on a direct intercept course at high speed ( as one would expect in an attack) but the IRGC per their usual practice failed to respond to the request to slow down. The MAHAN reportedly first fired warning flares and a US Navy helicopter dropped a "smoke float" before the fast boats finally broke off their high speed mock attack run. It has been reported that the ITGC vessels came within 900 yards of the MAHAN.

 Opinion: The IRGC needs a spanking. The distance at which they broke off the attack is well within the range of anti armour and anti air shoulder mounted weapons that small boats can carry and which can do terrible damage to a war ship. More over our examination of past incidents indicates that they have come within 200 yards of US warships, way too close! Clearly the IRGC is testing the waters. Could they take out a US Navy warship at the distances that we allow them to approach in a hostile manner? Absolutely. What kind of spanking needs to be administered? The rules of engagement out there need to be modified to allow US skippers to use deadly force when approaching small craft continue to show hostile intent (fast approach on intercept courses) after warning. After blowing one of these IRGC small craft out of the water there should be no apologies, no acknowledgement, no press releases. Really our attitude needs to be "Come too close punk and you eat lead"

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