Saturday, January 14, 2017


"(Washington, DC): A new Center for Security Policy Occasional Paper authored by two intrepid and indefatigable researchers, Alan Jones and Mary Fanning, has brought to light a shocking fact: The family of Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, considered to be “the father of Iraq’s nuclear weapons program,” has been awarded a 35-year lease for cargo container operations at Port Canaveral, Florida." 
 Has the Obama Administration forgotten that a nuclear weapon need not be inserted into America via a rocket. Such weapons are available in sizes easily transportable by ship or air craft. We are probably more in danger of the sneak insertion of a nuclear weapon than a rocket attack. 
"According to Mr. Jones and Ms. Fanning’s paper, entitled What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Secret Deal Allows Company Tied to Saddam’s Nuclear Bombmaker, Iran and U.A.E. to Manage Key Florida Port Facilities, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew unilaterally approved the lease for Gulftainer – a Middle Eastern ports company owned by the Emir of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Iraqi businessman Hamid Dhia Jafar – following two years of secret talks." READ MORE at CENTER FOR SECURITY POLICY
"In addition to being an important seaport in its own right, Port Canaveral is in close proximity to a number of key U.S. facilities – including the Navy’s East Coast ballistic missile submarine base, two U.S. Air Force Space Command bases and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center."
and consider the depth of the treason involved. Write your congressman and the White House after the inauguration, since the present lame duck is fully behind this; It's going to take some high level action to void this lease.  

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