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 HOW TO ESCAPE AN AUTOMOBILE UNDER WATER: Click the link below for an informative and potentially life saving video if you drive near water bodies, or cross bridges, and that's just about all of our readers.

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The Southern Terminus of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway a 23 mile long bridge linking Metairie, Louisiana and Mandeville , Louisiana near New Orleans. Numerous vehicles have gone over board on this long bridge over the years including a Gray Hound Bus. The potential for you car to land in water is real, escape is not easy. Watch the linked video and learn how. Photo: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
 American Admiralty Books is all about things maritime and that usually involves vessels. But if you are Jones Act Seaman on a typical crew rotation in the offshore service industry or inland towing industry you drive hundreds of miles at each crew change, and we all know you drive fatigued because there is no way to come off of a 7 to 30 day shift with a minimum 12 hour work day and not be tired. We hope you don't make that stop for a beer or two on the way home. Many of our Jones Act seamen travel a major portion of those miles through the bayous and inlets of the Gulf Coast, crossing many bridges and running parallel to numerous canals. About 400 people a year drown in their automobiles in the United States each year. alcohol and fatigue are the two leading causes of vehicles landing in the water. Our Jones Act Seamen can't escape the fatigue factor and then we must factor in the proximity factor, they travel a lot around a lot of water in close proximity to the road. Some of our shore based maritime personnel such as marine surveyors like our friends the MAGI (Marine Alliance Group, Inc of Baltimore (410-284-8175. in Case you need a surveyor) are exposed to waterfront driving daily. Even our recreational readers like fishermen, sailors, and surfers have to be periodically exposed to the hazards of driving near water bodies and over bridges. So today we depart from our usual vessel-centrism and link you to a car blog because that's where the instruction is. But while we're thinking about it we'd also like to remind you that our usual source of water safety information Mario Vittone is always just a click away, if you haven't book marked his site there is a link below and his site is always prominently featured in our


Mario Vittone-BE SAFE

Again if you want to watch the Video on how to escape a sinking car click on the link at the top of the post or here:

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