Thursday, November 21, 2013


Editor's Note: Fox News citing Gcaptain and other sources reports that ransom was paid leading to the freeing of the Captain and Chief engineer taken from the American flagged Edison-Chouest offshore service vessel October 23, 2013. The Headline, a lead in and link to the full story are below. Paying ransoms is going to lead to more kidnapping, but world wide gun banns make it very difficult to provide for the self defense of seamen. However in the 17th and 18th century pirates routinely faced armed merchant men and still persisted. Piracy only went out of fashion after there was a massive British led campaign by naval forces against pirates and those pirates not killed in battle were generally summarily hanged. We have searched history and can not find a humane and inexpensive cure for growing piracy. So far all that turns up as successful is an expensive naval campaign and swift administration of the death penalty for captured pirates. What the world is doing now is not working.

Nigerian Group Claims Pirate Kidnappings Netted $2M Ransom

Published November 18, 2013
| Fox
Photo: U.S. Navy
"The Nigerian group that took credit for freeing two kidnapped American sailors from a supply vessel last month claims the caper netted a $2 million ransom.
In an email to the shipping blog G-Captain, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) said it arranged the release of the two unidentified crew members kidnapped from the Edison Chouest-owned supply vessel C-Retriever. Officials at Louisiana-based Edison-Chouest did not immediately return calls seeking confirmation of the ransom amount.
The sailors were grabbed by pirates Oct. 23 and taken ashore, where they were held for nearly three weeks. Although the State Department confirmed last week they were released, no names or details were revealed other than that a ransom was paid, according to Drew Bailey, a State Department spokesman."

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