Friday, November 1, 2013


YOU IN THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY  click on the link to read the entire series in order of appearance

File:Berner Iustitia.jpg  YOU IN THE HANDS OF THE ENEMY:

 Should you fall into enemy hands in combat as a marine, sailor or coast guardsman you are a "Prisoner of war" with certain rights and duties spelled out under the Geneva Convention and U.S. military law. Should you fall into enemy hands as a merchant mariner participating in or supplying a military operation you may be a "prisoner of war" or a "detainee" depending on your ship's and your personal relationship with the Department of Defense. Medical and religious personnel are "detainees". Under international law "detainees" such as medical personnel may only be required to work at medical duties. Detainees other than military detainees such as merchant men may also be exempt from certain U.S. military law governing the behavior of "prisoners of war". For example, detainees other than a military detainee may not be under an obligation to attempt escape. However, all U.S. maritime personnel whether detainee or prisoner of war are well advised to know and follow their duties under U.S. and international law and to keep faith with their fellow prisoners. Under U.S. and international law all captives and detainees have specific rights and obligations.

TO BE CONTINUED: Next specific rights and obligations of American POWs and detainees.

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