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After several weeks of leading the pack in daily number of visits to a particular blog post my description of the Canadian Coast Guard yesterday hit an all time record for visitors. But there is something very strange going on, the visitors to this post aren't from Canada. In fact Canadian visitors yesterday were in the low single digits. In the somewhat less than two years of our publication Canadians have generally been noticeable mostly by their absence. For some reason visitors from Poland and Malaysia have visited the description of the Canadian Coast Guard in the hundreds. Why we don't know, perhaps those nations are considering the need for a Coast Guard and want to examine a model that might work for them. The Canadian Parliament has been mulling around ideas about changing the nature of the Canadian Coast Guard for some time now. The most dramatic change being considered is whether or not to arm the Coast Guard and if Canadian Coast Guardsmen start to bear arms, who, what kind of arms, under what circumstances? We thought for sure that anything on the Canadian Coast Guard would have drawn many Canadian "hits", but not so.

 If you haven't read about this unique national service no matter where you are from you may click on this link to go straight to my article: Canadian Coast Guard   
If you are Canadian or know one please forward either this post, or the link above,  with our humble request for comment. Perhaps there is a knowledgeable Canadian out there who would like to up date us on the debate over arming or perhaps there is an official Canadian Coast Guard Public Affairs site that could respond to questions. We will be happy to post a hyperlink to any reliable source that is willing to provide more information to interested international readers on the Canadian Coast Guard. It is interesting to note that the U.S. Coast Guard and others were described in this series before Canada, but only Canada has drawn such international attention. Are some out there looking for an agency model? We don't know. 

HEY CANADA! Are your Ears Burning? 

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