Saturday, November 2, 2013


China says Japan's Interference with Navy Drills Dangerous, Provocative

Multi Nation Naval Exercise Off Japan-PHOTO: U.S. Navy
"BEIJING, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- The recent intrusion of Japanese warship and military plane into Chinese navy drills is a very dangerous provocation, Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said here Thursday.The Defense Ministry has lodged a stern representation to Japan, Yang told a press briefing.Yang said the Chinese side demands that Japan reflects on its mistakes, take actual actions to correct them, stop all activities that disturb China's legitimate military drills and make sure no such incident will happen again. "Otherwise, all consequences that arise shall be borne by the Japanese side," Yang said. "The Chinese side reserves the right to take further actions." To read the entire article click here: 

EDITOR'S NOTE: China which has pulled such stunts as surfacing submarines in the middle of U.S. Navy Carrier Task forces is hardly in any position to be as stridently critical of Japan as it is in this article. Additionally China was being deliberately provocative in the timing and location of their drills, but they were excruciatingly legally correct. They were in international waters, and gave the proper notices. Just as we have low tolerance for the antics of Green Peace in Russia where they ignored international and Russian law, created collision and mechanical malfunction hazards; we have to stand up for international law and order even though China is the bigger offender. Breaching the peace and creating potential collision hazards at sea is not an acceptable protest to China's provocative uses of its naval and coast guard forces. Engaging in the same bad behavior that the Dragon engages in doesn't make it right. China being basically friendless in the world pretty much does what it wants. The rest of us, dependent as we are on mutual security arrangements have to keep in mind that miscalculation that leads to open warfare doesn't just affect our own nations, but also those bound to us in collective security arrangements. Allied nations need to behave in excruciatingly correct ways based on international law no matter what the aggressor thug nations do. While the Dragon pays no attention to international law, obviously it knows what the law is because it doesn't hesitate to cite it in being critical of Japan.  Then it clubs Japan over the head with it. Lets behave in excruciatingly correct accordance with international law so when the day comes that the fire breathing swimming dragon has to be blown away it is clear to the world who the thug state is. Please no more behaving like the Dragon.


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