Friday, November 1, 2013


THE ENEMY IN YOUR HANDS  click on the link to read the entire series in order of appearance

File:Berner Iustitia.jpg  THE ENEMY IN YOUR HANDS:

When enemy personnel fall into your hands you have a number of obligations under various conventions. First and foremost you must let enemy personnel surrender. It is unlawful to fire on an enemy who has signaled surrender. Compliance with the Geneva Convention requires that you TREAT ALL CAPTIVES AND DETAINEES HUMANELY. Acts of reprisal or revenge against any captive is unlawful. You may not use coercion in questioning captives. You must, to the best of your ability provide medical care for sick and wounded captives. While you must take from captives weapons, and items of military or intelligence value such as maps and military documents, you  may not take personal property from captives. Only a commissioned officer may order money taken from a captive. When this is done a receipt must be issued to the captive. The Geneva Convention also forbids taking personal property from enemy dead or their mutilation. The convention also provides that while POWs may perform some work, they may not be required to work in support of the war effort or under any conditions that endanger their health. Most especially, captives may not be used as a shield, or for mine and bobby trap removal, or as bearers of ammunition and heavy gear.

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