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Major War Games Come to the Baltics

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Nov 01, 2013
TBT staff, RIGA

  "Thousands of troops are taking part in some of the regions biggest war games on the Baltics’ eastern shores from Nov. 2-7. The NATO-backed Steadfast Jazz exercises involve over 6,000 soldiers from 20 countries, as well as 40 aircraft and 15 vessels.Troops will be training at the Adazi base in Latvia, just north of Riga, and in Poland."

EDITOR's  NOTE: These games reported by the Baltic Times are taking place only weeks after the close of Russian games held on the borders of these countries. The exercises were probably planned well in advance but they serve as a nice counter point to aggressive Bear behavior. Constant vigilance is the price of liberty but one would hope that the North Atlantic community including Russia could learn to get along and trust each other. Both sets of exercises should have been unnecessary. To read the entire story click on thi slead to the BALTIC TIMES:  BALTIC TIMES

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