Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan, China Got A Piece Of It As A Tropical Storm

Haiyan Storm Kills 8 in China, Devastates Farming, Though Weakened, Storm Still Dumped 15 Inches Of Rain Over Southern China


The Chinese State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters hoisted a level three emergency response in the provinces of HainanGuangdong and Guangxi. All fishing vessels were urged to return to ports by noon on November 9th. The combined effects of Haiyan and strong easterlies brought by the subtropical ridge raked Hainan ,Strong winds were recorded in Hong Kong from  November 9, 2013 into November 11th. The Hong Kong Observatory  issued the Strong Monsoon Signal at 19:10 HKT on 9th November, 2013, and continued it through November 11th. The Chinese provinces of Hainan, Guagdong, and Guangxi have experienced some very destructive flooding of agricultural land and the Fishing fleet is still sheltering in port. Haiyan had diminished to tropical storm configuration after hitting the Philippines as the typhoon of the century and before striking Vietnam and Southern China with damaging results.

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