Thursday, May 15, 2014



Image of a Mobile Offshore drilling Unit See Maritime Security.Asia for the mini course in Offshore drilling

 According to a recent New York Times Article China is deploying an offshore mobile drilling unit (MODU) in the South China Sea in a disputed area claimed by Vietnam. This move has increased tensions region wide. As early as the 80s China had killed dozens of Vietnamese Navy seamen over a semi submerged shoal well within the well recognized boundaries of Vietnam's UNCLOS recognized exclusive economic zone. Unlike the Philippines or Japan Vietnam has no formal treaty relationship with the United States. China historically hasn't hesitated to used armed force to have its way with Vietnam. This latest action showing such a blatant disregard for Vietnam causes the other nations in the vicinity to feel more threatened by expansionist China's territorial claims. The MODU is thought to be owned by a state owned drilling contractor or oil company and is moored among the Paracel Islands since May 2, 2014. When Vietnam made a diplomatic protest China responded by sending 80 coast guard and or naval vessels into the area. That is a small flotilla for the Dragon with fleets oif both naval and coast guard vessels numbering over 900 ships each. That's right 900 plus for the Chinese navy and 900 plus for the Chinese Coast Guard. China can dispatch an 80 ship flotilla and still have hundreds of war ships left for trouble making elsewhere. That compares to a U.S. Navy of less than 300 war ships world wide and a U.S. Coast Guard whose high and medium endurance (ocean) armed cutters number in the dozens combined. We may have super carriers and atomic subs but sometimes quantity has a quality all its own.

 Vietnam responded  by sending most of its naval strength some 35 ships to make trouble for the MODU. The situation then escalated when Vietnam accused China of ramming and water cannonading several Vietnamese vessels. China countered by claiming that Vietnam had rammed China's on scene fleet a total of 171 times in four days ( My aggressive little fleet they sent uh, out numbered at least two to one and just ramming away like they can't make dragon war ships fast enough). China didn't deny using the water cannon and reminded Vietnam that they had real ship killing guns on board and that comparatively the Dragon had shown "great restraint". China is also in conflict with the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan in the Paracels and elsewhere. For its part China has blamed the United States for Vietnam's behavior. Yeah we know that sounds strange but to the Dragon our naval strength and refusal to accept Chinese global rule only encourages "misbehavior" by her closest would be vassal states. What can we say one man's defender of freedom is the other guy's trouble maker. If you haven't guessed our editorial policy towards China yet , let me spell it our for you    CHINA= THUG STATE


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