Monday, December 3, 2012



Waving Flag #3

 The American Admiralty News Service is very much a new work in progress. We started by simply wanting to provide a sort of "reading room" where visitors to our site could link into the World's English language maritime trade journals and news magazines. After a few weeks of operations we began to understand that because of our extensive daily contacts with professional mariners, naval professionals, admiralty lawyers and others around the world we sometimes knew of important stories that the world's maritime news organizations or general media was not aware of. We began writing a few of our own stories and posting them. Then we took a hard look at the World's maritime electronic and print media and found it to be mostly monthly publications, a few weekly and generally specialized towards a particular segment of the industry. The closest to a daily  general news service that we found was the web site "g-Captain".  We linked our visitors into that site and began scanning all sources daily as time allowed and posting headlines and links on maritime stories that were of high interest but ignored by the general media.

 Typically we leave about 30 days worth of this "Headline Service" up. Then we cull through it and  re post the stories that we feel "have legs" as journalists say, to our Retained Headlines. At the end of this month we will have the 2012 headlines completed. We are leaving up October, November, and December well into December. We are soliciting your help via comments submitted in making the final selections for retention for 2012. By January we will have to relocate the retained headlines for 2012. We are attempting to keep them retrievable indefinitely but right now storage capacity is limited. Your assistance in identifying stories with continuing interest value for long term retention is appreciated.

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