Monday, December 17, 2012


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 We have been trying to convince our readers who stop with the blog entries, or perhaps a mix of the blog entry of the day and a single special interest page to visit more of our special interest pages, especially the ones which require no real professional background to appreciate. We work hard to make the "Special Interest" pages both informative and entertaining. As we have pointed out so often, the real work of the American Admiralty Books organization is in the "Special Interest Pages". It is in these pages that we do the work of reviewing, evaluating, describing, and organizing the body of English language maritime information.

 Even if you aren't a fisherman. Like all of our "Special Interest Pages" FISHING not only provides critiques of, and links to, books about its' special focus, fishing, but also simply entertaining features. In FISHING, DIVING, SAILING, and SURFING you'll find numerous free entertaining features like those described and linked below:

We have fallen a bit behind in our fishing book reviews but we did discover a cool video site.
Take a look at landing really big fish on Chew on This or watch the biggest fish I've ever seen landed on a beach at feature=endscreen&v=kubP74qGvPY&NR=1 . or  Entertain yourself a bit with videos that explain why people fish vice how to fish. We'll be working on those book reviews till you get back. In the meantime if our free videos spark your interest in fishing, we now have an on line tackle shop for you in the FISHING SECTION. 

   1.8m-3.3m Spinning Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod with Reel Combo for Saltwater Freshwater Fishing (3.3m/10.83ft+YB5000)       

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