Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12/5/2012 India Revises Position on South China Sea


India Clarifies Position on South China Sea.

Tiger panthera tigris
Around here we refer to the Indian Navy as "the Tigers", We frankly are fans of this very competent and professional navy which defends the world's largest democracy with skill and integrity. Like our own U.S. Navy we view the "Tigers" as a force for good in the world. We wish we could feel the same way about "The Dragon" (China and her navy). We don't. The Dragon is trouble for the World.

Indian navy prepared to deploy to South China Sea to protect oil interests

The Indian navy is prepared to deploy vessels to the South China Sea to protect India's oil interests there, the navy chief said on Monday amid growing international fears over the potential for naval clashes in the disputed region.
India has sparred diplomatically with China in the past over its gas and oil exploration block off the coast of Vietnam. China claims virtually the entire mineral-rich South China Sea and has stepped up its military presence there. Other nations such as Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia have competing claims.
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