Thursday, March 28, 2013



 During the first week of the new year we posted this Wall Street Journal article lead in and link. The first quarter of the year is over and we have to observe that both the Wall Street Journal and our own giant catfish Namazu are proving correct on their predictions for China.  2013 in China is the YEAR OF THE SNAKE and things are certainly slithering along as predicted.

"The Wall Street Journal published a highly interesting article yesterday (Jan.4, 2013) for those of you who follow our continuing series How Far Will The Dragon Swim. In the article the writer describes ten trends to watch for in China during 2013.


                                                         Dragon Vector Art 1 by samuraiagency - Free Dragon Tattoo Picture from       Interestingly , our own giant catfish maritime political guru NAMAZU described most of those trends over the past year. But most of you have only been following us for a few months so this Wall Street Journal article will help bring you up to speed in just a couple of pages and nicely summarize some of our earlier maritime concerns and observations about China in a neat listing of ten trends. Number 8 of the Wall Street Journal  feature; "China will continue to be the number one builder of war ships in the world." .  As the year's first quarter draws to a close this prediction is holding true. The Journal also recognized that China will take an "even more aggressive stance against its coastal neighbors in its drive to turn the East , South China and Yellow Seas into Chinese lakes. This prediction held true throughout the first quarter of the year and now in the final days seems to be intensifying. "

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